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for Days of Open Hand

10/31 c12 MuffinRamsey
Exceptional. Thank you for this amazing and epic journey. Also, I wouldn’t mind a sequel where someone ends up pregnant...
10/29 c6 MuffinRamsey
The freaking Batmobile! Omg I fucking DIED! This story is so amazing and well written.
7/13 c1 Erica2401
I know it was years ago you wrote this but I like to thank you for this amazing story. How in the end love conquered everything even at loss of lives. The pairing is great and the crossover so interesting. I’m gonna read the sequel
4/10 c2 1Fairy King Oberon
B'Elanna is so totally the Wolverine in this
4/12/2019 c12 4Aidyl James
Thanks for the story.
4/11/2019 c11 Aidyl James
What a chapter!
4/10/2019 c10 Aidyl James
What just happened?
4/10/2019 c9 Aidyl James
4/10/2019 c8 Aidyl James
4/10/2019 c7 Aidyl James
Janeway is a Borg?
4/9/2019 c6 Aidyl James
The new super hero.
4/9/2019 c5 Aidyl James
At last Kathryn is acknowledging a tingle for Seven.
4/9/2019 c4 Aidyl James
Good chapter
4/8/2019 c3 Aidyl James
4/8/2019 c2 Aidyl James
Interesting chapter.
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