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5/28 c3 wandamarie
loving it thank you
5/28 c2 wandamarie
nice job thanks
5/28 c1 wandamarie
wow good start thank you
5/31/2018 c3 1Araytigre
If this is the premise for your current story "By Sunlight" (which I had planned on reading next anywho, before "The Power of the Mind" that is), it will be fun to see what you plan next to bollix up both Albus' and Tom's plans. Thank You. TTFN
5/31/2018 c2 Araytigre
That was also fun, always liked the "Boot to the Head" routine (another Author has used it to quite good effect too, lol), and I got a kick out of the Tazmanian Devils too. Also, I wasn't too surprised out of the ousting of Moony from the Marauders. I somewhat puzzled out "Who" his Grandparents were/are, and oddly enough my best guess was Rowena and Salazar (given the few clue we had). It might have been Fun to see where you took it from there, if only to see who got the DADA position (assuming that Dumbles was able to get Slughorn to come back, even without Harry's help). Thank You. TTFN
5/31/2018 c1 Araytigre
Oh, this was a lot of Fun. Glad to see that This Albus isn't a pompous windbag of a Manipulator, yet, lol, and realised the seriousness of his mistake(s), and sot out Padfoot as soon as possible. Hopefully, at some point your Muse will allow you to expound on this in the semi near future. Thank You. TTFN
12/22/2017 c1 Ricci615
I would like to see all three of these storylines continued. They all have great plotlines. I would really like to see The Sorting Hat's Stand or The Power of the Mind finished first, though I think you've pretty much abandoned your account since you haven't updated anything in over 5 years.
9/4/2017 c3 Inujoy The Dragoon of light
I love this one.:-P
3/14/2017 c3 Corwyn
I'm glad to see the other story of yours that I was about to read, seems to be this one continued. So I skipped reading the snippet and am running over to that story now. Thanks again for all your stories.
3/14/2017 c2 Corwyn
I disagree. I would read the heck out of a story with this beginning. Thanks for sharing it with us.
3/14/2017 c1 Corwyn
Loved this snippet, and hope you someday continue it. Thanks for sharing it with us.
10/25/2015 c2 Rabunga
Definitely not the poor child! I really like the unique "grandparent" hook...once again great idea, would love to see more!
10/25/2015 c1 Rabunga
I love LOVE this so far and wish you would turn it into a fully chaptered story, but then I am still hoping you are going to come back to the power of the mind :)
8/18/2014 c1 healingcat
I truly enjoy your writing and would love to see this plot bunny grow into a full story.
1/20/2014 c1 gaschalk
I know that you have stopped writing and that is a shame. But I would still like to see "The White Mage of Time written and completed. Chapter 3 of this group of stories only needs two or three more chapters to complete.
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