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for He Came Back Wrong

8/3/2014 c1 5Frakking Toasters
I'm such a Sammy girl. I hate the way they gloss over everything he goes through on the show, too. xo
3/6/2011 c1 29CeCe Away
Man, that was intense, but I would imagine there would have to be some fallout like that.
2/6/2011 c1 47Scullspeare
But we did get a hug in Like a Virgin. \o/

This, for me, was like a glimpse behind 'the wall' You're so right: Sam was in Hell for 120 years - how could that not screw with his head? And I think we might see glimpses of the type of hell you describe since I doubt Sam will be able to resist 'scratching' at the wall.

Love the little touch with Dean and the towels; such a big bro thing to do. *g*

Thanks for a great read.

Cheers, Sculls
2/4/2011 c1 SamDeanLover28
1/27/2011 c1 31Nana56
Good one! :D It will be very interesting to see where we go from here.

I like your little foray into 'what could happen'. It can't be easy and your depiction seems quite reasonable.

Nicely done. :)
1/26/2011 c1 134Soncnica
God I hope this will NOT happen... but yeah from the promo and the clip I saw.. phew, this won't happen :)

noce concept though... creepy and scary as hell... and I don't wanna hear what Luci did to Sam in hell.. ugh... THE HORROR! :)


good story... now go write some more!


1/26/2011 c1 32vonnie836
Wow, this was so unexpected and terrifying at the same time. To see Sam going almost pure evil is really a scary thought, especially with the 1000 sit ups per night. It certainly wouldn't be unthinkable for all goodness to be purged during those 120 years in hell. I loved that even now Dean is so worried about him and doesn't want him dead. Speaks of real brotherly love. Sam tried to kill him, would have, if Castiel wouldn't have interfered and yet, he doesn't care. Loved the interaction between Cas and Dean also. Great job my friend. Continue to plug away, I will wait patiently for whatever you got. I'm glad you posted this one. Hugs, Vonnie
1/26/2011 c1 10Ani101
wow that took me by surprise! it's the first story i've read where we actually see any true insanity when the wall breaks...and it's good, people shouldn't gloss over it, like you say. I felt so sorry for Sam and Dean both here and basically well done, it's a legendary story!

1/26/2011 c1 86supernaturalsammy67
OOoOOohhhh! aaahh!

I loved the ending! SAM! It's really HI!M

AH Love it hun. Glad you're all caught up. it was damn good wasn't it!

1/26/2011 c1 hotshow
Very good story.

Thank you.
1/26/2011 c1 anonymous
Hope the show does not disappoint...nevertheless a good story .
1/25/2011 c1 3SandyDee84
Interesting. I would bet we see several nightmares play out in the next couple of episodes, but I still feel gypped that we don't get PTSD-Sam. It's seriously time for some mega Sammy love on the show. Holding out hope for that hug.
1/25/2011 c1 83blue peanut m and m
Hey Lil Bit,

God that was amazing, I loved ever second of it. Hell woman I even sat up to read it!

Like you I believe they will glance over Sam's return, I'm hoping that they don't but they have done in the past, I'd just love to see those walls falter.

Can't wait for more from you,

Love ya Sis,

Gill x
1/25/2011 c1 108mamapranayama
Cool story. Thanks for shaing it. :D

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