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6/1/2016 c5 Guest
Where on earth does Kelly keep her Wand? You make it sound like she stores it 'up herself'! 8-0
10/12/2015 c5 Lamorak Korving
I love this story. The revelation that Kelly Jones was expelled from Hogwarts
for being a St. Trinian's girl is something I can believe. My only complaint is
that although she was sorted, Peaches hasn't done anything yet, and she is my
favourite St. Trinian.
12/6/2014 c6 15KuroNekoCiel
Totally brilliant! Love it so much!
2/14/2014 c6 empressofthedead
You should do a similar scene to the bootlegging one in the the movie. I only ask cause I like it and think it will be funny, but all in all great story!
10/12/2013 c6 misschav
I ope deres sum taylor/fred action in dis but great story anyways ya no
9/22/2013 c6 2Blue night fairy
An interesting story.
Just be careful of making your characters too strong, it could make your story too unbelievable or boring. A prank war is interesting, then the students get caught and the trouble that's sure to follow. McGonagall is also a strong/ powerful witch, so I hope someone gets detention from her or Snape.
7/23/2013 c6 5Ghargr18
Update? Please?
6/30/2013 c1 4Ash-Bookworm113
:) oh hells yeah! great first chapter!
7/21/2012 c6 SuperGirlOnToast
So good! :-P update soon!
3/28/2012 c6 bananas r gd
this is brilliant; please continue!

an idea of wot kel cud pull; get into griffindor and fill the entire common room with balloons and sillystring.
9/8/2011 c6 JosephineX
Hahahaahaha, man that's awesome! You still writing? Course u r. Can't wait for the next chappy.
5/8/2011 c6 nm aka nanjibamisbah aka nanji
hey keep updating...its good

y have u stopped?
3/16/2011 c6 6kittykatkitkat
3/16/2011 c6 nanjibamisbah
yh thnks

its good

add more pls ple

maybe the old st T prank of running naked in the shower or something...
3/13/2011 c6 6lilli-glenanne
cul if ya need any ideas i got a brain full of pretty uncommon pranks
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