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for Fushigi Yuugi Shorts

6/27/2013 c2 17MercuryMoon
Yay! I'm surprised I didn't notice that you updated sooner, but hopefully better late than never? I really like this chapter. I'm glad you posted it without waiting for the next three to show up. Do you take suggestions? If you do, let me know. \o\ I'm really enjoying these little introspective pieces.

Oh! And I really liked how you tied in his actual seishi power with his characterization. I never thought of it that way before, but now that you've pointed it out like this, it really makes sense. I also like that it was Chichiri who led him to finally slow down. It really speaks of the bond between the two of them.

I think my favorite line in this piece though was this one:
He had been so busy running that he hadn't noticed them working their way into his heart until they started dying.

Look forward to your next update whenever it is. _
5/27/2013 c2 9KittyLynne
This character study of Tasuki delights me...not just because I got to read about my favorite character, but because you've tapped into one aspect of him that I haven't seen other authors explore- the psychological implications of his running.

Your writing is visceral and effective in evoking a mood.
My favorite line: "He lived in the moment as he always had, though no longer the rush of battle and blood so much as the quiet of the road under the sun and the absolute stillness of the swift night."

Beautiful description and characterization all in one sentence. So well done. I will look forward to reading more of your writing, should your muses decide to revisit the characters of the Mysterious Play. :)

Every good wish,
5/27/2013 c1 KittyLynne
You write with excellent insight. Loved that each character study contains other character studies given from the subject's pov. As an old(er) writer, *grin* I appreciated the inclusion of Mrs. Yuuki's pov, one that isn't often given in most fanfics. Really liked how each individual segment is connected by an overarcing event that affects each character in a different way. Nicely done. Thank you for a very enjoyable read. :)

Every good wish,
4/9/2013 c2 Marikalay
For guest reviewer gandalf: I understand your frustration for not having your review answered, please keep in mind that the authors can't answer an "guest" review. Also, then taking your frustration to others who are not the authors of the story is a little rude.

As to your questions, yes, The Doctor is called the "oncoming storm" by the Daleks and no, that doesn't mean it's who he is. What the author of the story was referring to was most probably the graphic from the breaking of the chameleon circuit used in the show, which was shown as a sort of localized storm of energy.

The Doctor did, in fact, use a Chameleon Circuit during the series, while Martha Jones was his companion, and his focus was a fob watch. For most of the episode, he was a teacher at a school for boys in the late 1890s/early 1900s by the name of John Smith.

I would appreciate it if the next time you reviewed a story of mine, you would a) actually be reviewing my story and not passing your frustration around, and b) log in so that an answer doesn't have to be so very complicated. Please keep in mind that the author of that story wasn't ignoring you, he or she could not respond to your message because you were not signed in. He/she responded to my review quite readily and we discussed the story and other points of writing style rather extensively in messaging.

I hope that you get this message, and understand that I will leave it only for so long before deleting the reviews that have nothing to do with my story.
4/8/2013 c1 gandalf
Sorry I'm putting this here, I know it has nothingto do with this, but I'm using someone else's computer and all I can do is put reviews, so the only way I can say anything is like this. About that Doctor Who/D-Gray Man fic, The Chameleon Child, the Daleks call him the Oncoming Storm. It doesn't mean it's who he really is. And he used a Chameleon Arch in a watch? When?
4/6/2013 c1 17MercuryMoon
Ah, such nice reflections from each of the characters! I think my favorite one was Tamahome/Taka's. I thought it was really sweet that he was actually reflecting on his family and his friends. I don't see a lot of that. I'm amused by the candle shop, too. And the ending for this drabble was nice, too. The necklace! Hehe. I'm a bit curious why you didn't actually mention his family in the real world though. I can't remember if much was mentioned about them in the series, but I suppose they weren't that important after all. A bit sad, but eh.

When I saw Miaka's Regrets thing, at first I thought Taka died, hahahaha. Mostly because of what Miaka's mom was musing about. XD
1/30/2011 c1 Kuchiki Jeanne
Well-written, nice flow, and very much in-character. Feels very likely to happen in canon. (That's just how I feel about it.)

Looking forward to your other character entries. (Especially Hotohori's and Houki's. *nyahaha*)

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