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4/24/2014 c44 9When I Make It Shine
This was hilarious! I love Jebb's character and Kira seems like a spit fire.
9/30/2012 c44 2RisingEmber
Loved the story. It really kept me on the edge of my seat at times. I love how you've taken one of the undeveloped Dukes and made him your own while at the same time keeping the others true to themselves. They really sounded like the fellas that I'm used to seeing on the screen.

As for the cousin marrying another cousin, you missed two other examples where this is actually canon. In "Duke of Dukes" and "Southern Comfurts" we see the Dukes either fall hard for a "Cousin" or try their best to show off for and flirt with them. Daisy was willing to marry the guy that she thought was her "Cousin Gaylord" by the looks of it so the way you have written Jebb and Kira isn't just possible but very likely.

Anyway, you have Kira fitting in very nicely with the rest of the Dukes which is no small feat since most of the time when writers try to insert their own characters it is a horrible disaster. The make them horrible Mary Sues and just expect that the readers will love them as much as they do without putting in the leg work on them. You've developed Kira (as well as the other OC's like Pauline: LOVE PAULINE) very well. Now off to the next in the series.
6/8/2011 c47 AndyDuke
I love how you took a Duke and made him your own. We didn't get to really get to know Jebb(Jeb) well in the show. The writers never brought him back like they had intended to do. I believe that you would have fit in with the actual writers of the show quite well since it seems that you have really tuned into the Dukes. I must say that I rarely finish FanFiction since it seems that the writers tend to alter the Dukes to the point where they remain Dukes in name only. You have done a great job in staying true to Core of what had made the Dukes great. Keep up the good work.
3/28/2011 c27 18JadedPhoenixBurning
Now Sheree, If I answered your questions, I would ruin the story line for you. LOL!
3/27/2011 c27 Sheree
its a boy woohoo! but whats the shadow? and why is the weird dudes trying to kill her I cant read fast enough!
3/27/2011 c26 sheree
its awesome! the huge needle scene got me on edge LOL with just having a baby you are totally capturing all the true concerns that go thru a gals head when a life is growing! cant wait to read on :) thanks for sharing your talent with us
3/27/2011 c47 15DixieDavenport
Loved it! Glad Kira didn't leave this world in this story like in the last one. Great story. Hope to see more of Kira in other stories. How about maybe a story when her and Jeb were racing?
3/25/2011 c46 DixieDavenport
I was lucky three times, never had an experience like this. My youngest turned 21 in Jan this year.

Glad everything seems to basically be working for the babies and Kira. Hope they are together soon. Great story.
3/23/2011 c45 DixieDavenport
Great chapter. I just hope the next is as happy. I think the name for the second baby is a good idea and the boys will like it but we still need to know what it is. Imagine them not thinking Jeb was surprised. LOL
3/21/2011 c44 DixieDavenport
Yes, that is Kira not taking the easy way out of anything. I'd say Jeb's fit nearly scared the girls and Pauline to death but Jesse (and likely John, too) had probably seen such fits of feeling helpless before. Hope to see more soon.
3/20/2011 c43 DixieDavenport
IT is both good and bad to see not just Jeb but any Duke boy so devoted to his spouse, but if things go bad for Kira and the baby (ies) this may not be pleasant for anyone who knows Jeb. But I still have to hold on to that Duke faith that nothing really bad happens to Dukes or in Hazzard.
3/19/2011 c42 DixieDavenport
Ya know I'm on the Dukes side but I hope for their sake that those fellas that took Kira aren't around her when they find her. Because neither of them are of a mind to calm the other down and they are mad enough that someone could get badly hurt. Loved it especially when Jeb went off on Boss!
3/19/2011 c41 DixieDavenport
Great chapter! Knew things was running too smoothly. I know of a certain blonde Duke that is gonna be SO pissed that it's not funny. Endangering his wife, kids, and his mother! Not a good combination.
3/18/2011 c41 ashton01
AAAHHHH! You leave us hanging there? That is so mean! Hope you post again quickly so we can see what happens...
3/18/2011 c40 DixieDavenport
Yes it is a great name, just remember Jesse is for a girl or a boy! Glad Kira opened up a bit for Pualine and John. Great chapter.
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