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for Marauder's Luck

7/19/2014 c16 2RagdollQueen325
Brilliant. Absolutely brilliant and soo adorable too!
11/17/2011 c1 2Headoverheels14
Love it! You rock!
6/22/2011 c16 1Musia888
Really really amazingly great story!

I liked this one even better than Dark Days.

I'm sad it's ending and there won't be a sequel,

but all good things must come to an end I guess.

I'll be looking forward to your next story when you post it

(you better)!

Have a good summer!
5/15/2011 c16 Emichan and PhoenixWarrior
Great Epilogue =) I can't wait to for you to get the next story up and I will keep nagging until you do (unless your working on your other stuff ;)great story
5/14/2011 c16 11Lady of the Witty Remarks
=( It's all over. I'm so sad!

This was an amazing story. =D
5/10/2011 c15 30FuzzyBee013
I'm really sad that it's all coming to an end too :( I hope you can have something follow this or something similar. I always like stories about the marauders especially when during really difficult times and they can still be hilarious at the same time. Hope you consider it and update soon please! :)
5/10/2011 c15 Emichan and PhoenixWarrior
EEEEEEEEEEE! Wow that was awesome! Well done Rose, well done. But that's to be excpected =)
5/5/2011 c14 FuzzyBee013
Awesome chapter with lots of suspense. It's really sad though that its ending soon :( will you be making another one to follow?
5/5/2011 c14 6ClamKidToTheRescue
:O :O :O :O :O!

:O! ahh poor james, i hope he doesnt die, please dont kill him! :) brilliant chapter :)
5/5/2011 c14 580yellow 14
Temper, temper James. Very good, keep updating. And good luck with your exams.
4/25/2011 c13 1Musia888
You won't be able to update untill may? Well, it was a good chapter. I hope you change your mind, and post your next chapter soon.
4/15/2011 c13 Emichan and PhoenixWarrior
I can finally review this story now ^.^ I loved that you were able to put in the face-plant bit =) but you didn't put in the part with Snape...ow well, it was still good.
4/14/2011 c13 11Lady of the Witty Remarks
Excellent chapter! Poor Sirius; I can't imagine what it must be like to be him right now. =/

Thanks for updating, and good luck with your projects and such!
4/14/2011 c13 580yellow 14
Take all the time you want. Nice chapter, keep updating
4/14/2011 c13 30FuzzyBee013
Good chapter though, as you said, it was a bit short compared to the others. I was really looking forward to the next update but I'm glad you at least told us you couldn't update until next month. I just hope it comes fast!
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