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for Marauder's Luck

3/8/2011 c10 MysticJadeShoe
Did I mention that I love your writing style lately?

This chapter was thoroughly engaging and mysterious, I loved it! Please keep writing - I love your plotline so far!
3/8/2011 c10 Winter's Soul
I really like(dare I say love?) your story:) It's interesting and the plot is just getting bigger and bigger.

It's a very good flow in your writing so it's not that hard to keep up with the storyline:)

I wonder what happens next...:)
3/2/2011 c9 586yellow 14
Not bad. Keep updating
3/2/2011 c9 11Lady of the Witty Remarks
Hey, awesome chapter. =D

I've got a sort of stupid idea... Lily and Sirius don't really get along yet, right? What if they have a fight - a big one - and James has to choose sides? That seems like it would be problematic. I don't know, it's your story. I'm good with anything you write. =D
2/26/2011 c8 Lady of the Witty Remarks

I love this story, you know. Does his life HAVVEEE to get worse? I love these characters almost more than the Golden Trio. Please update FASTTTTT!
2/26/2011 c8 586yellow 14
Nice prank. Keep updating
2/25/2011 c8 MysticJadeShoe
You know, I was thinking to myself today, "It would be awesome if Marauder's Luck updates."


I totally LOVED this chapter - the anti-gravity bit had be laughing so hard I could barely breathe, and Lilly accepting had me dying of adorable. The Quidditch match was fun and interesting - hooray for Alice knocking Sirius over!

Overall, excellent! This chapter was awesome!
2/24/2011 c7 6ClamKidToTheRescue
YAY! :D great chapter :)
2/22/2011 c7 586yellow 14
Very nice. Keep updating
2/21/2011 c7 11Lady of the Witty Remarks
*cheesy grin*

I feel all warm and fuzzy inside!

Excellent chapterrrr! I love you!
2/21/2011 c7 MysticJadeShoe
"Uh oh. I hate her conditions. They usually involve me in some sort of pain."

Love it! This story is so fun and silly, yet dark and mysterious all at once. Thanks for writing - I can't wait for the next chapter! (And I can't wait to see how that date goes!)
2/18/2011 c6 586yellow 14
Very nice, keep updating
2/17/2011 c6 11Lady of the Witty Remarks
Aww... she missed him. That's so sweet!

I love you. Your work, I mean. =D

Don't make us wait to long!

2/13/2011 c5 586yellow 14
Very good. Keep updating
2/13/2011 c5 6ClamKidToTheRescue
:O :( poor james, i love the brotherly relationship between them all :) great chapter, hopefull james will get better and his life wont be so depressing! :)
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