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6/5 c15 Jostanos
Ginny, you are doing an excellent job writing this story. Please take your time, and please do not rush.

I am available as a sounding board for ideas, for chats, and for just general nonsense (Omake) should you require it. :)

Please continue when you may.
5/7 c15 Saphira4life
*sniffles* this is so touching. I love this fanfic. please update.
4/26 c15 Anonymous Reader
11/6/2016 c2 icecatfire
love it. :) when will james go to sirius? he was close to the potters too. :'( good story so far. :) and to answer your question it is both good AND depressing. :)
6/11/2013 c13 Arashi - IV of VI
Amazing! :D
6/11/2013 c13 Thespianpoet
Oh I really love where this ended. I'm excited to read more!
10/28/2012 c12 1crazychic94
awww so sweet
4/26/2012 c12 10madnessofsilence
please take no offense to what I'm about to say. I love your story XD

You and this stupid story! I never cry when I read, or watch movies, yet somehow you've gotten me close to tears with this whole thing!
4/26/2012 c2 madnessofsilence
I'm gonna go with depressed beyond belief. Doesn't help the Breaking Benjamin's Dear Agony was playing while I read this.
4/25/2012 c12 Penghost
That's definitely top 10 out of 200+.

Well cast. Morbid, but well made.

As so many odhers, rather big jumps in time instead of finer details like food, gossip, soughts of comrades etc. as JKR would be doing. With that embroidery added, You would get as close as 80% of her. No kidding.

I hope You get going. I wonder what You'v got up Your sleeve.

Thank You. it was trilling up till now.

I'm a swiss chap sorry for my English-
4/15/2012 c12 Idea
Update pls I LOVE thus story and I want to read more
7/26/2011 c12 Briedgee
aww i wished they kissed it would have been cute

but still a good chapter!
7/7/2011 c12 10blueisasome
I think that in this story you portray greif very well, especially when someone dies suddenly. I know how that feels and I think that you do a great job on it. I love the story.
6/22/2011 c12 4SkippingintheDark89
Really like the story! When is he going to kiss her! Man! I can't wait for more!
6/22/2011 c12 1gaap237
I was LOL at SiriusĀ“s song choice. I wonder if James will tell Sirius that Regulus was part of the massacre.
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