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8/13/2019 c28 2JoshGamerV
Yay, you used The Bane’s Real name! Pearlpelt!
8/13/2019 c25 JoshGamerV
Gregor dont Care What happens to Ares
Me: be carefull with What you Wish, Gregor
8/13/2019 c22 JoshGamerV
I just love Lizzie and Mrs. Cormaci’s reaktion When Henry tries to kill Ripred - Nobody dares that!
8/13/2019 c16 JoshGamerV
Book-Ripred: Kill him!
Ripred: Oh, look. Its me!

I laughed at that
7/16/2019 c28 Guest
I watched the song and he is EXACTLY what i envisioned gregor to look like!
5/31/2019 c23 Guest
No, you didn't destroy Gluxa
8/19/2018 c19 Mad Dog
10/12/2017 c1 4The Underlander
Nice.. I hmm yep so good mate
12/24/2016 c1 64The Defender of the Faith
I'm sorry, but the honest truth is that this violates the rules and guidelines. You can't post text in between an already written thing. I am so sorry, as a fellow author I sympathize. Keep writing! Please! Just because this one doesn't work doesn't mean other's won't. The world needs more Gregor the Overlander fics, and you can give that to them. Keep writing!
4/6/2016 c27 3TeenyTinyStar
I'm crying more reading this where no one actually dies just illusions to it than when I watched The Dead Poets Society and the main character commeted suicide...
11/14/2015 c1 bro
Oo, a 29 chapter fanfiction. ;;;)))
7/24/2015 c25 Guest
Henry... WHY He could have been an amazing character D:
5/25/2015 c20 Guest
I'm southern to. Y'all is fun to say, and northern p ople sometimes say yous. This chapter was amazing
5/25/2015 c11 Guest
The line"as life may be death and death life again reaps" means that by a death, life of something would stay
5/24/2015 c3 Guest
Language Missie
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