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9/27/2013 c11 6RoxSor
1/31/2013 c6 peinfan886
i love the story... sora way more better to be uke but vanitas way more better to be seme..and roxas way more manlier than sora so his the one become a seme..vanitas was the darkside of sora.. :-)
11/3/2012 c10 7MidnightxMusic
My favourite part was:
"What's this?"
"Uh...a hand?"
3/7/2012 c1 khamazing
Not that I mind much, but.. can you use English for the songs? Its just I don't know what the people are saying. Though I love your storyline so far! Keep writing!
12/26/2011 c9 112kitsune
Chikuso means "Fuck" but it can also be loosely translated to "Dam"
8/5/2011 c11 The Puppeteer Master
I love this story.

Really love it .
6/9/2011 c11 49HawkRider
CONTINUE! Es muy buenas. Me gusta muchas las bocadillas! For anyone who speaks Spanish, don't ask me why I said that. Anyway, it's...ummm *racks brain*...umm, 1000 times better than brilliant. Thanks for reading you two who are obviously just (coughinlovecough) friends.
6/6/2011 c11 Arieh

Your story is really great, I really love it! (and like the anime "things" you put) =D (like the falls, sweatdrops, etc, etc) =D

I read all of the chapters. Hehehehe, canĀ“t wait for the next one! I hope you can update soon!

I want to see what other ID rigntones have roxas =P

Well, goodbye, wish you luck with everything! ^-^

5/10/2011 c11 Innocent Uke Or NOT
HUMMMM ao no exorcist didnt that JUST became an anime! SORRY I don't remember were I saw that lol _ (fail). GOSH Leon you know little Sora gotta leave the nesk some time lol ( best WHAT THE F moment). LOL "Where. Is. My. BLACK LEATHER BOMBER JACKET!" I actually laughed out loud for that. ALWAY that one guy who jizzed in their pants * shack head and sighs*. AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW Sora and Roxas only said hi to each other ( I think thats showing some love xp). The magic of the sparking eyes OoOoOoOoOoOo. Nice singing Roxy xp. OOO what was the name of that song from this chapter i didnt see the name posted on.

tehe XP
5/10/2011 c11 2Anna Crosszeria
Ara, ara gomen, I forgot you Akari-chan ^^

Oh great I'm dying here ... laughing! .

Sora's innocence is soooo kawaii!

Oh no! Cloudy (get a killer glare) errm umm ... C-Cloud-kun is coming AGAIN? mou! Leave the love birds alone stupid chocobo head! (glare hardens and was added by another blonde)

And well sorry, Roxy doesn't go to a rich kid school unlike you! It's not their fault that their school is "small"

Roxy *hugs Roxy* sugoi! I love your voice! x'D

Akari-chan, Kitakami-chan!~ *hugs the two*

I love this story!

I wonder what will happen when I call him chocobo head as nick name

Ne, Cloudy! Chocobo head-sama
5/10/2011 c11 10IchigoChu
"Are you fisting me?" Lol, great, just great.

Noooo! Don't end it there! Lol, awesome chapter, as usual. I loved the part with Axel waking Roxas up. Anyway, Sora's being bad. He likes Cloud and that's a BIG no no. But still it might make Roxas jelous so that's alright cause then Roxas can dash in and scoop Sora into his arms and... yeah, I'm rambling. Still, great story. Hope you update again, like, soon ^.^ See ya!
4/29/2011 c10 IchigoChu
Haha. That was good. Soooo sorry about not reviewing lately, my computer was having techinical like problems, but I'm back! And this was another awesome chapter that was hilarous. A couple chapters back when Axel woke Roxas up at 11:47 or around that time was great, it reminded me of myself. I don't even try to get out of bed untill at least 12:30, lol. Anyway I hope you update again soon. And the moments between Sora and Roxas are soooo cute! And Cloud's kinda weird... but anyway, hope you update soon!
4/25/2011 c10 Innocent Uke Or NOT
OMG I been so far behind my fanfiction reading Grrs lol. You could say I got a little be addicted to my new kingdom hearts game re:coded(look guilty)(by the way I cheated and watch the secret ending of birth by sleep online lol not proud of it but I WANTED to see it sooooo bad lol). By the way I was rereading a couple of your chapter and Demyx (I think) addressed Marluxia as a her and Mrluxia is a guy, I know the pink hair make him SOOO girly lol. O yeah I also notice that you addressed Saix as a brunette a couple of times when he has blue hair. Just some little things I notice. LOL WAIT the town just got named lol I was always think Twilight Town lol with a bite of Destiny Island lol. "Whoa... Calm down... Charlie Brown" lol my friends say that to me. I have to agree with Roxas who does say "evil-doers" lol."...LORD MOLDYBUTT!" YAYAYA Billy and Mandy!"...Finding about what porn was." OO Axel what will we do with you.

OMG HAPPY BIRTHDAY mine is Apirl 30 and also will be 15 tooo YAYAYAY!

tehe xp
4/24/2011 c10 Eternal Light
Oh, happy birthday, then! Axel reminds me of certain friend (she began moaning and telling me how "good" I was, while I was on the phone with my dad!), and hell do I want to snap her neck! Roxas must be REALLY patient... Or REALLY used to his friends' teasing... Great chapter, funny, but aside from the fight at the beginning it was mostly filler. Till the next one!
4/24/2011 c10 2Anna Crosszeria
Oh! Kitakami-san o-tanjoubi omedetto~!



Nice way of interpreting it Marly and Axel god that was the best! *thumbs up*

Fucking shit I was laughing out loud while reading that part ...

you shout have added the "U-ugh ... R-Roxas I-I'm g-gonna c-come!"



The best of all is finding about porn? You're so horny Axel!
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