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for Moral Slavery

2/9/2015 c3 illicitusvallis
I feel some kind of way about this. Not sure what but I do. Good one though.
11/13/2012 c1 Guest
8/21/2011 c3 cheetahkazikage
Great story! Please update soon!
6/28/2011 c3 2TootsieMegaGirlxoxo
WoW Really good
5/9/2011 c3 2Mrs.Twilight
This is a really great fic that I hope you'll continue soon !
4/2/2011 c3 ME
this is not for the faint of heart. i agree with claire so i really like the story, but i must wonder is elle really not reformable? i don know if u keep it kinda murky on purpose so the moralness is always in real question. i lik the discussion with the haitian, that talk needed to be had in this story. i also really really how effective is the training? more importantly, will she revert and overpower claire at some point... i look forward to the answers to these questions, so WRITE ON!
2/10/2011 c2 2James888
Good story but there something missing. If you ask me its

the Elle we all come to know & love in spite of herself.

This new Elle seems to be a pale copy of the old one.

I wonder if Claire wanted to be in control so much

that she didn't think about other ways to control

her. Wonder where you go from here ?

Update soon so i can find out please.
2/5/2011 c1 Turtle24
Please continue!

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