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for I wouldn't need you

11/22 c7 MD1011
Haha! This was really funny! Thank you for making this story!
10/25/2018 c7 Valya 001
It was a fun story...I enjoyed reading it.
4/8/2018 c2 Guest
REally cute. I do that with my boyfriend all the time. Not the maid thing, but he usually massage my back after a hard week and i let him rest on me. Love those moments.
8/10/2017 c7 16Sele de la Luna
Aww it was really fun to read. I loved it, I think you portrayed them perfectly :)
1/13/2017 c7 Angel
This was so nicely written! Great work :)
2/21/2016 c7 Blazeb79
Lol short but sweet! Great short story.
11/30/2015 c7 buttercup56
I really connect with this story. I had to do something similar and it sucks, especially when all your friends say it's not like your never gonna see each other again, but the thing is it feels like it.
11/28/2015 c7 1kori kaoru himura
11/18/2015 c7 sarahjaneluczon
waaaaahh I love this! please make a sequel!O()O
11/16/2015 c6 sarahjaneluczon
waaaaahhh Misa! Since when did you become so (how should I call it?) ...needy and hungry for Takumi?
7/10/2015 c1 Guest
4/19/2015 c7 Guest
So I've read so many fan fictions, some of this pairing and many others. This is definitely one of my top 3 favorites. The storyline was great. The chapters were perfect! Great job!
3/1/2015 c2 Krishtina ch
It's really disgusting... Why would misaki be like that that's probably not misaki and that's probably not usui that's way to overacting .. Blah
11/17/2014 c7 no name
It's not a lemon, only half. But. It. Was. Beautiful! Seriously, amazing job, you are an excellent writer, keep on goin'!
10/16/2014 c7 386mutemuia
A nice story!
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