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for fanfic of a fanfic: Dauntless

9/13/2020 c1 8r
U fucking moron
7/18/2013 c2 FranticHamster
well this is a fun set of stories I will be adding it to favorites
11/14/2011 c2 mi
well written. I want more. pretty please?*puppy eyes
11/6/2011 c2 Moons-Chan
No matter how serious the issue is, I find Lelouch way of asking guards to escort Soresi away to be executed to be abruptly humorous! He just has the way to surprise everybody!
5/29/2011 c2 ariel stormcloud
4/4/2011 c2 Tracer
I really liked this fanfic so can you please add another chapter?
3/12/2011 c2 1ndesi62
Great chapter! I love your characterization of Edith, and that Kewell was knocked down a peg like that. Though I have to say, I'm not sure that Lelouch could just execute him like that, so easily. Even a Prince has his limits when it comes to nobles.

Anyway, great stuff, and I can't wait for the next chapter.
2/23/2011 c2 7blackash
I'm loving your little vignettes! The fact that this was from Edith's pov makes it even better.

Also, considering how much everyone seems to like dear Abigail, you might consider a one-shot of all the ways she attempts to enter the country. ;)

By the way, this line: "She wondered how they would react if they knew she was half number." Totally made me want to shout "Good Lord! She's a fraction!"
2/17/2011 c2 18Allora Gale
^.^ I know you said you were going to update it on the weekend, but I forgot until just now. Sorry! I was hoping to be your first reviewer again. I'll put it on alert so it doesn't happen again.

I kept waiting for Suzaku to pop out and be like ". . . Yeah . . . hey." because that would have been interesting and hilarious.

I also like that you wrote from Edith's pov. I suppose since this is a fanfiction of a fanfiction it makes her a canon character ^.^ I'm always leery of writing from an OC's pov lest they suddenly turn into a mary sue (my early writings are almost painful in this respect). But this was good. I think you'll like the next chapter as it has an even better delving into Edith's thoughts on Lelouch.

As for Lelouch's response to the Purists . . . you were off. Simply executing Kewell would be letting him off too easy. :D

Also lol at Abigail sneaking in on a boat. Oh and this line: "Prince Lelouch vi Britannia, Eleventh Prince and Sevent-, pardon me, Sixteenth in line for Throne" is great. I have something similar planned for a future conversation.

Thanks for writing this. Please sir, can I have another? ^.~

2/15/2011 c2 1Queen of everything pineapple
wow. i'm surprised you can actually leech of another fanfic, sneaky. :)
2/14/2011 c2 6maximorph1
i don't know, the execution seems a little rushed. There was no build up other than kewell disobeyed an order. Frankly, Lelouch tends to not spend lives that easily. Well, it's your story.

The biggest flaw is that you assume others have read Dauntless. I have, but someone who hasn't will be lost.

Granted, this is a fanfic of a fan fic, but you need to give details. Not to mention, there was a huge gap between chapters without any transition. Not trying to be mean, but these flaws should be fixed for a better story
2/14/2011 c2 6Slices
Good chapter, again.

Slices out
2/14/2011 c2 2Ragez
I liked the story, but execution seems like a pretty harsh punishment. I thought Lelouch would just give him 30 years or so in jail
2/14/2011 c2 1Worker72
Of course who knows perhaps Kewell might escape his fate like Bartley did in cannon and have the 2nd prince commute his sentence. Not likely I know but still possible.
2/13/2011 c1 137Poison's Ivy
Dude, you should TOTALLY continue the first one (from The Banquet); I loved it. :D


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