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for Malfoys and their Mates - M rated Version

11/5 c122 3lrmorena
Oh dear!
11/2 c1 Savy D
I am OBSESSED! A dramione group shared this on FB and it’s wonderful!
11/2 c122 2roon0
Oh no, just as they were about to "operate". I love the pixie's so much, they must cause their families such headaches. I look forward to more.
10/31 c122 SilverShadowKat19
Been following since basically chapter one. So happy to watch you grow as a writer and to take the journey with you as a reader. Can’t wait for more updates.
10/23 c121 3lrmorena
I am so worried about Draco and Narcissa... pls the suspense is killing me... Blessings.
10/16 c121 2roon0
I am always so very happy when you update. I love the children so much and although Hermione is a little naughty, she is a mighty fine warrior. :D
10/11 c121 v8cool 2
He now shout be made to apologize. Or else.
10/11 c121 Banshee Black
"I am glad she is not my child, as lovely as she is."
So true.
10/11 c121 80Glorioux
Well, i try to ignore trolls and such because I have too much to deal with, i.e. cancer. So if you don't have anything good to say, don't. And if you do, don't hide behind an anonymous. Though, if poison is running in your veins, well, what can I say? No wonder haters are winning and our beautiful world is self-destroying.
10/10 c121 shironeko black
I love these wonderful story and where is you site?
10/6 c120 illymal
I love it , where is you site
Absolutely brilliant. So very pleased to find it updated. This just made my week. Thank you!
9/30 c120 Lisa M. Pace
I love ypur story and can not wait to read more. Keep writing you are fabulous.
9/30 c120 Chelsea always
Not going to lie I just binged this hole story during the storm. Thank you it’s great
9/29 c120 Banshee Black
Of course I still like this story !
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