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4/18 c1 Fujoshi
Omg. I loved it
6/27/2021 c1 Ramss
I know it has been years and I have no idea if you will see this but I have to tell you, I was fascinated by this story and I know I will think about it for a long time. Thank you for sharing it with the world.
Oh and I died laughing at Light's assumption about his gift, to think that he had imagined it and that he was so willing to do it "Light-kun, is there a particular reason you presumed I would show up unannounced at the stroke of midnight the moment you became legal to ravish you?" really Light, who do you take him for? although not long after that L didn't think much about it and went straight to the point. Pff this guys lol
5/29/2021 c1 4okonomiyaki-saint
Not sure if you'll even ever see this comment, but I loved this fic. It was fun and a great way of getting back into Death Note for a bit, imagining how things would play out like this. L's internal comments when he sees Light all grown up and how they shouldn't speak French if he wants to keep his thoughts pure were hilarious.
And baby Light was EXTREMELY cute, loved seeing that.
3/23/2021 c1 Anon
I really enjoyed the fluff! There's just not enough of it for these two. Thank you for sharing!
2/15/2021 c1 Sky
This is absolutely incredible and I love it more than life. Your writing style is absolutely captivating. I am so in love with this story, I will 100% be back to read it again soon.
2/10/2021 c1 Guest
This story is a 10/10. The premise is so good it made me dust off my old account to read it. Nice!
2/5/2021 c1 Guest
This is so good! Hard to believe I’m only just seeing it now. I don’t even know if you check this website anymore but I will eventually leave a proper (more detailed) review. Just know that this tugged at my heart in so many ways.
4/10/2020 c1 2Ill-Fated-Wish
Aaaahhhhh! This was so lovely! Wow it was just so incredibly sweet and enchanting. I absolutely loved reading this fic of yours and I really really wish it were canon lol
12/12/2019 c1 PrincessBluetree
I’m in love with this story ahhhhhh ;;
9/21/2019 c1 deathlyHealer
Oh my god that was so beautiful. Holy shit it was absolutely perfect. PERFECT, DAMMIT XD Definitely in my top five favourite Death Note fics, for sure (and I have about 500 in my favourites list). That was just. Wow. Glorious. This is one of those fics that I'm going to be coming back to again and again and again (and daydreaming about during work today XD).

Loved it.
9/13/2017 c1 Alaude2019
Fantastic story! It was so nice too and adorable to see them as close friends from the start :) I loved it. Thank you!
8/16/2017 c1 7Elizabeth Firebreath
Do you know how much I needed this? Becuase I needed this. God, fluff in this fandom is so rare. Thank you. This fic is going on my private rec list and I totally plan to read more by you.
6/18/2017 c1 Kitty
Super cute, really liked your story
7/19/2016 c1 Rachel
Let me preface this by saying that it was fantastic. However, I think you should know that this work has inspired my to keep a record of hilarious and ridiculous quotes from fanfictions. The exact quote that I'm addressing? "If there were a nighttime Olympics in stripping, L would be a sure contender for Britain, so long as Light could be his partner." Thank you for this gem.
1/2/2016 c1 Libby
Ugh i love this it's so well written
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