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1/31/2011 c1 1unhappyclam
I am quite in love with this =3

Sweetest thing I've read in ages and by god please make sequels

I really like how you wrote Light and kept the relationship between him and L physically 'platonic' until he was 18.

1/31/2011 c1 blueandorangesky10
Haha sequel? There's gonna be a sequel? YES PLEASE. Seriously it's awesome. I completely loved every bit of it! It's like this cute little story all in one! And although it's short (when going through the years, who doesn't like to hear more about them?), you're still able to imagine the characters growing through the years, and that's why it's so awesome. Some parts were subtle (it's like this growing affection, starting as this small ball of love and eventually blooming so wonderfully), but oh so cute and I get this warm feeling from reading it!

Oh and great sex scene lol. It wasn't just some fast scene about two people having sex, there was emotion! feeling! and of course, the loveee.

I absolutely loved it. Fantastic story!
1/31/2011 c1 samalane
I loved this! It was so human and breathtakingly adorable. It was so L in completely AU circumstances and I just loved it! I can't wait to read more (especially from Light's POV!) And the sex was good, very romantic without being pornographic xD

Until the next one! 3
1/31/2011 c1 19poisonanon
This was the cutest thing I have ever read. It just reeked of cute, I love it!
1/31/2011 c1 WindSpirit1111
that was AMAZING! lol i loved it im putting it in my favorites ^-^ :3 it was so sweet and spicey the perfect mixture :D i cant wait to read the sequal and the third :3 x3
1/31/2011 c1 15Arciam
I absolutely love your story!

That little detail in the beginning, when you took into account how a Japanese would pronounce 'pie', was simply ingenious.

Also, I like how you kept that seven year age-difference between them (AU fics often have them be the same age just because it's more convenient), this way, you could show a more realistic aspect of LxLight.

And since you had the story begin when Light was only 6, you had to let the story (and their relationship) develop, which always gives a story a touch of higher quality.

All in all, things like these are what characterizes a writer of the better kind.

Well done :)
1/31/2011 c1 BottomShelfAndToTheLeft
I loved this. So bad. :D

The idea of Light coming to Wammy's at such a young age is brilliant, and it was so well written... Congrats!

Can't wait for the sequel, it'll be interesting to see it all through Light's eyes!

Thank you for the one-shot!

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