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2/6 c3 3Insaneauthor050701
bro who is ichigo when masaki is alive?
1/25 c8 XxKonekoLoverxX
I'm guessing that that giant devil was chad
11/18/2020 c7 LincolnRonnie94
Giant Devil is Chad
11/17/2020 c25 2SilverSurfer24
I'm sorry but this chapter will be my last, the Lemon, no the buildup and reasoning behind the Lemon pretty much ended it for me.

I can take somewhat OOC characters but I just cannot and will not believe that someone like Ichigo, a character that stands for honor and the will to never give up, would willingly take the virginity of a girl he didn't love.

Even if it was on the request of a girl that he loved. I just can't accept that, it was a real old dick move. What he and Soi Fon did is in many ways worst than if Ichigo would've been some random dude that made sure that Senna was drunk off her ass before taking her home and fucking her brains out without any true consent.

Sure, in this chapter Senna wanted it, so she gave consent, but that doesn't make the deception any less vile or revulting.
11/17/2020 c26 SilverSurfer24
I#m quite indecicive about this story as a whole. At point's I truly enjoy it, the interactions between many characters are great and I'm a sucker for Ichigo/Soi Fon pairings, i just love it. So it checks many of the boxes that would make me consider it a must read, and so far I did but there are also things in this story that make me want to put it down and never pick it up again.

Amongst the things that make the story almost unbearable to me is most importantly Senna and her Zanpaktuo. Each time I read a section that involves Mikomaru, I wish to put this story down, I just can't stand them and that led me to utterly skip any and all of thier scenes, even if they contained important information.

I quite like Senna but the fact that you chose to well, I don't quite know how to put it softly...make her obscene(?), or slutty? Is making her quite the chore for me to read and take seriously. I liked her in the Movie, and following the Movies conclusion I did wish that she had lived and would've been paired with Ichigo, but the simple addition of your ideas made me utterly dislike her and her forced (it feels that way to me) oversexualized character.

She seems like a slut to me, and that's not someone I would ever want to be paired with an MC that I'm cheering for. Sorry but I have a personal dislike for the 'slutty girl' sterotype.

The next "problem" I have with this story is Ichigo himself, he's kinda weak to be honest. Far weaker than he is in Cannon, but it's more of a pet peeve of mine. I'm not fond of Shounen stories in general, and painfully slow stories where the character's strenght grows in accordance to his opposition and challanges are just incredible boring for me to read.

I more often than not come onto this site to get my doses of ruthless Power Fantasy. BAMF characters, lot's of merciless ass-kicking and Antagonists that simply don't stand a chance against the hero. That's the kind of fiction where i feel most at home, always was, always will be.

Real life is realistic enough for me, real life is dramatic and angsty enough for me, so I don't need or want that in any fiction that I consume.

With that out of the way, there are things that I love about this story, but as I explained many others drive me utterly up the wall. I can't promis that I'll be able to read through it completely, even though I love the pairing.

Still, thanks for the story and the most important thing is that you as the author have fun writing. I hope that you and your loved ones are save in these uncertain times and I wish you the best.
11/3/2020 c17 1Pinkypi
Ein is Isshin unless you tryna play some more mind games mister. The Arrancar like tattoo was a nice touch too. Because he can either be a part of that or it could just be an extra feature you gave him to be able to drop a hint for a definitive feature for the man. If he is somehow an Espada ooo boi Aizen knows not what he fucked with alienating the Cero Espada just because he felt slightly threatened by Ichigo.
Ps- I am at this chapter as of this review

Dubs - PinkyPi
10/29/2020 c15 Pinkypi
I was gonna say if Kuchiki was sent to figure out if it was a Hoax why didn't he ask any questions then I just remembered what everyone else can hear is is the part of the powersteal and go aaaah they saw Senna with powers and Rukia without and felt no need. Which is funny because Renji was just promoted to Fukutaichou and if he was there to hear the recording he would've known something was off xD
10/29/2020 c13 Pinkypi
He just needs to have everyone hear what he wants them to hear coming from the device and the first time he's asked to give it up so he's not there for them to "hear" it in replay he just loses it in an accident that destroys it.
10/29/2020 c7 Pinkypi
Why do I get the feeling that Chad is the Giant Devil ._.
10/26/2020 c4 Pinkypi
Why does Ichigo even have a inner hollow if he never went through hollowfication to get his powers since he was born as a soul this time? Even if this has been rewritten over a bit of time to include certain things Ichigo's mother couldn't have passed on the hollow like in the manga since she's a pure soul in soul society. We also knew by this point that Ichigo is the only one with a constant release state and that it's caused by his inability to suppress his reiatsu since no one bothered to teach him how to since his body naturally did it for him which he only left for combat situations anyways. Kenpachi told Ichigo he didn't have shikai and it was further proved by Ichigo hearing Kenpachi's zanpakuto crying. The only reason I'm pointing out the zanpakuto thing is because it'd make sense to have his zanpakuto sealed properly if he's going into the 2nd division even if it's only for a couple years. As for the inner hollow it just makes no sense. On unrelated note I completely enjoy the story :D
9/26/2020 c34 1Lucifer's assasin
I think i would have made them go with Aizen with intentions to assasinate him and have aizen tell them about his past i the chapter they go to him, and i would also have masaki alive but in the Caga negacion.
9/23/2020 c21 Lucifer's assasin
first off nice chapter
second wincest
third i read the reviews after i finishe the chater
fourth you weren't expecting so much incest support were you?
8/11/2020 c1 Azza
You have a macron over everything except zanpakuto
6/23/2020 c41 Guest
I'm sorry but uhhhhh die hogyokou can't give a shinigami a hollow that's sentient and his mom really like wtf.
5/17/2020 c13 2DarkestLight234
This doesn't PROVE anything. Ruling someone as a plausible suspect doesn't make them the culprit. You still have to PROVE that. Basic burden of proof. Do you think the cops automatically arrest a guy if hes the only suspect? No. Because you could be unaware of another possible culprit.
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