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for Why Should We Suffer In Silence?

4/19/2017 c30 1veganALIEN
I HAVE A MIGHTY NEED! To read more. Please update and continue when you can! 3 Story must be finished! 3 3 3
4/18/2017 c7 veganALIEN
Gyahhh, the very ending of this chapter. ZIM looking for him again. That immediately brought me back to being in the airport in Europe, when I had to part with my fiancee to go through security. I hold her and cry so hard, aha. ' When she leaves me to go down the escalator or stairs again, I always peer back over to look for her one more time, but then she vanishes and it hurts so much inside, gyah. I will cry again, the emotions this writing has brought upon me. ' Amazing work.

4/18/2017 c5 veganALIEN
AHAHAHA! I am laughing so hard at this chapter! The tale ZIM tells of what happened that previous night. Vomiting, and then Gir - and then vomiting again, AHAHAHA, I cannot contain my laughter!

4/14/2017 c30 2Golden Chains
I knew I shouldn't have given up hope! My optimism has finally paid off! I can't wait for the next installment!
4/12/2017 c30 Guest
I'm glad you've decided to work on this. To be perfectly honest, I just found it a few days ago and was going to be really sad if it just stopped. But from your author's note there's hope for more. This is one of the best I've read, and I'd like to thank you for that. It's a very welcome distraction from my final projects and exams.
4/11/2017 c30 LailaIrken
*Sees new update* :D
*Dib gets run over* D:
4/10/2017 c30 The Sorrowful Deity
Invader Zim movie :)

Oh shit Dib got run over?! lol damn
4/7/2017 c30 Tigersfury
YOUR BACK! I would not care if this was a chapter or not but I will let you know that have never forgotten this story, I would check every 2 months. Just glad you are back and inspired.

P.S I am also super excited for the movie
4/7/2017 c30 4Mystic Myra 8
Shite boiii
Thx for the read
4/7/2017 c30 Guest
I'm thrilled to see you return! This story is an old favourite of mine and I couldn't be happier that you intend to finish!
Loved the chapter, very intense, although this is a sad turn of events for Zim and Dib. It's very interesting to see how the Swollen Eyeballs are coming into this, I'd totally written off that email as being unimportant like Dib did, so I was quite surprised!
6/6/2016 c29 2Golden Chains
I cannot wait to see what happens next, what with Mr. Elliot and Zim's "sickness".
11/3/2015 c29 1CiaoSenpai
Hey! Just wanted to say that I love your art on DA, and your writing is superb! I was just wondering if this was the actual ending? I understand that you have long left the fandom, and it is okay if you don't want to continue it anymore. Just curious is all as to if this was the last chapter. Thank you for all you've written so far!
10/26/2015 c9 Twitter
Dib: okay Gaz , zita,tak, and zim letscplay twister( dib is using red pants)
Dib : zim u start
Zim spins the arrow and points to the color red and a foot zim looks at dibs pants and walks up to dib and kicks him in the crocth dib falls holding it and wimpering
Zim: did i win
Gaz and tak and zita almost died of laughter for wat zim did
Gaz: omg zim ur such a goof ball
Zim: balls where
Gaz points at dibs crouch zim runs to dib and kick him again
Zim: gooooooal!
Zim: i won dib cause ur a b ch
Zim: dib u know wat time it is
Dib: tránsmission time
Zim: bitch You guessed it haaaa You was right
Zita: hahahahahahahahhahahhshhshha zim stop ur sooo funny hahahahahahahahhahahhshhshha
Zim: no one time enter the bath room when dib was taking a bath and i had a icth lotion i accendently grabed the confiri├│ mee and dib grabed the lotion and then when he was at school he was scracthing like a dog
Tak: hahahahahahahahhahahhshhshha stop zim tooi funny
Zim: one time i didnt wat to do and suddenly gir apeared with waffles in his hand and showed them in my mouth and i ask wat it was made of and he said i donk know the tall monkey sin screeng gave it to me then i thought he made of the tallest i screams like crazy almost then gir random ley appeared creaming too i was scared
Gaz: hahahahahahahahhahahhshhshha hahaha zim stood hahahahhahahaha
The end
9/22/2015 c6 Storyholder
OOOOO BOY! You messed up biggy.
6/11/2015 c29 sadielou
:) nice story
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