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for Albus Potter and the Necromancer

5/2/2011 c17 qslashfan
I don't wish to be rude but you didn't mention Salem which I think is the only American wizarding school mentioned in the series.
4/30/2011 c15 Ed
This is one of the most interesting books I have read on this website pLz update soon
4/29/2011 c14 3owugirl10
I literally laughed out loud when I read the "My Precious" line!
4/28/2011 c13 LuvinReadin
This is wonderful! You've done a great job with characterisations and plot. I do hope you update soon.
4/27/2011 c12 2AGymnast
OMG! ok... if you don't continue this story I will literally hunt you down and... um... and... I'LL THINK OF SOMETHIHG!

This story has me totally hooked! Please write more chapters fast! Notice the s? chapterS! As in plural as in more than one... :D

Update soon!
4/27/2011 c12 3owugirl10
AH! I want to know what happens! This is really great Michael!
4/18/2011 c9 9honurarymarauder
Wow so I sort of stumbled upon this story and i absolutely loved it. I can't wait to see where this goes and will be looking for part 2

I found your Albus really original and very different from other characterizations of him. It was really refreshing

Please post part 2 soon!
2/2/2011 c9 99Stelra Etnae
This was definitely an interesting read. I hope that you'll continue. Just a suggestion: If you are hoping for more reviews, I would suggest that you separate your chapter updates instead of posting all of them together.

Anyway, this story is really interesting!
2/1/2011 c9 3owugirl10

This is a really great start! I enjoyed every minute of it! Can't wait for more!
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