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for Diary of a Konoha Vixen Remixed

6/23/2013 c5 Uchi-nami-chan
Love the story
8/30/2012 c1 TheTraybox
FINALLY! Ive been waiting for this. I love everything you write. Point blank. Keep doing it please or I'll likely go insane :/
6/15/2012 c5 11emiweeab
Took me a long time to get to reading this but I wish I had sooner! Great job and starting to feel bad for all the people taking advantages of the reader XD
4/19/2012 c5 Anoran
"Well, you see, my nipples mysteriously get hard whenever you try to come in contact with me. It's my Anko senses starting to tingle." LOLOLOL. Those two are too hilarious. XD

That Raidou section was very sexy. Glad my girl got some morals and I'm happy he had enough dignity to not force himself on you. That made me very happy and this moment more enjoyably~
4/18/2012 c2 Anoran
LOL, sad to say I have conversations with myself in my head when i'm in the store.

"You don't need that chocolate!


No,. . .you don't.


I though you were on a diet.

. . . .god damn you.

That's how it go 99% of the time! XD

I always though Kisame had a 'Raper Man Face'. Very accurate description of him in my opinion lol. Let's see so far Asuma and Sasuke are dick's. Kakashi and Itachi are sweethearts. And Anko is still an awesome bitch, haha. I love her so much.

Having that whole money conversation in front of Itachi and the other's would have embarrassed the hell outta me. But sometimes you have to do what you gotta do. Though, I'm happy that the MC quiet. Show's she's not all talk. I'm thinking if she leaves then Anko may leave? We will see in future chapters! : )
4/18/2012 c1 Anoran
GOD! I LOVE the way you write! "Neon lights kissed your face." "I guess all this ass isn't just for show then, huh? Got your ass sweating n' shit." You will forever and always be my favorite writer. ^-^ I'm glad that you've started updating again! I'm about to go read all of your stories for the memories! XD

On to the story~

I definitely think this is an improvement from the old DOKV. The MC seem's a lot smarter and more aware. I also love that she has, Anko. Someone that's ready to ride or die with her, haha. Gotta love how they interact too it's freaking hilarious. Speaking their mind not afraid to say what's on it. You can tell they have a close friendship.

I've already read the old chapter's in 2012, but i'm gonna read all of them over again since your plan on making regular updates! XD.
4/18/2012 c5 1Aris Moon
About dam time lady lol

Sexual and I like it
4/18/2012 c5 anotherkai
Yes! You updated...

...now do it again! LOL

This was great, thank you.
4/2/2012 c4 anotherkai

I couldn't believe this was in my inbox! I was like...is this a dream? or am i seeing things?

I CANNOT WAIT until you start your stories back up!

Thank you soooo much!
3/27/2011 c2 Tarei
Fmyludlxymxgmdymzg xh

that is what I feel when I read this. I legit had happy tears while reading it! Write or I die!
3/27/2011 c1 Zoooomaaahgaaawd
You started my addiction so you must write more to sastisfy it! Grrrr! 3
2/19/2011 c2 Raichusrpg
Going very good so far. can not wiat for the next one.
2/18/2011 c2 MaizeSaane
Lol, you trying to give me heart attack by squeezing me in a story with hot men xD But woot, I'm cool with you putting me in your KH story. Thank Ya!

On to the story :O

ROFL, I love how you portray Anko she's a bad bitch. And I like how you have the main character in this one. She's seems more badass!

On the last note ewwwwww you look at Degrassi xD
2/11/2011 c2 saya420
great chapter. why is her name y/n? whats her real name? well i guess ill find out sooner or later. i cant wait for the next chapter to come out, so until then ja ne.
2/11/2011 c2 11emiweeab
Loved your inclusion of Kisame in this chapter and couldn't stop laughing at the conversation that Anko and Y/N were having in front of the men like they weren't there.Keep up the great job!
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