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for Mysteries Unresolved- special edition

9/16/2003 c4 gta3thjs
blatant mary-sue
9/16/2003 c4 gta3thjs
blatant mary-sue
9/16/2003 c4 gta3thjs
blatant mary-sue
4/29/2002 c5 Alina6
God, I love the way you write Draco, Ginge! Write some more, I wanna see how Pansy tries to break them up! See you at Virtual Hogwarts!
4/26/2002 c5 1thaurisil
Cute fic, but I find Cyn a bit of the Mary Sue kind.
4/14/2002 c5 Marie McKinnon
I like the idea, but it seems to be going a little too fast. If you want, I'll volunteer to be your beta-reader. The dialogue could use some grammatical correction, but other than that it's cool. I especially liked the description in the first paragraph of chapter one.
4/2/2002 c5 3Jocelyn Magus
Ooo...looks like trouble :) Interesting; Keep it up!
4/2/2002 c5 2Angel21689
chapter 5 came out really good! (well, obviously...all ur writing comes out

good) one thing-how did they fall asleep so fast? lol jk-ignore that-the

chapter is fine. upload soon!

4/1/2002 c4 8ravenclawer
Wow, 11 reviews (soon to be 12 ;)) all at once! These are AWESOME and LONG chapters, btw. Keep on the great writing!
4/1/2002 c4 2Angel21689
u go gurl! i wouldnt think that a person as lazy as u r miss queen of laziness

would get 2 chapters out in the time i was able to snag the computer. and

two chapters as good as these. o ya-jane said there were 5 houses and only told

wat 4 of them were-just thought u would like to know!

-angel21689 c ya tomorrow!
3/31/2002 c4 Rosetta27
Please post the next chapter this is a good story! Thats from me(A good reveiw from me is high praise)
3/31/2002 c2 Diana22
3/31/2002 c2 2Mystery1
I'm really liking this so far! You portray the characters excellently and it's really interesting! Will be waiting for an update!
3/30/2002 c2 8Dazma
Nice start, this story has got some major potencial! (spelling?) There's only one problem with it...


So, are they going to be in Slytherin of Gryffindor? Or are the going to be in one of the other houses?

Well, keep on writing! get out the next chapter soon!
3/29/2002 c2 8ravenclawer
hehehehe... a certain band coming right up! Keep on writing, Cyn!
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