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8/23/2011 c44 1LostInSpace33
8/23/2011 c44 ap630
Definitely worth the wait...but I must admit with this cliffie I'm hoping chapter 45 is not too far away. Well written fight scene. It must be hard to write a fight scene, that is fast, violent and destructive but still seem believable.
8/23/2011 c44 nickyy
I just love how Eric keeps thinking of Liz: like when he went to her bedroom to check on her sleeping, and how he said that he was glad that Nat hadn't talked about Liz (when she asked about Sookie). The fact that Eric, a 1000 years old vamp is capable of such love for a half-were child speaks volumes.
8/23/2011 c44 Okram
It was definitely worth the way. What a great chapter. Eric's thoughts about his past with Natercia... their phone-call... their talk before they fought... the fight... his reaction... everything, everything was just perfect. But my favorite part was when you said in your AN that next chapter is going to be updated soon. I just can't wait.
8/23/2011 c44 1981
awesome ch
8/23/2011 c44 cristinacastro
Já estava com saudades tuas! Optimo capitulo. Bjinhos, Cris
8/23/2011 c44 truebloodforteatime
What are you doing girl? Another cliffie? Eric thinking that he needs to kiss Sookie? What the hell? Lol. Luckily, we know that you wouldn't do that to us, your faithful readers. You just wouldn't. Right? Anyway, this was an awesome chapter. And a great fight scene!
8/23/2011 c44 Alottalove
Yeah that was so good. So happy that Nat is gone bye-bye forever
8/23/2011 c44 1nbc24
Well, that was an amazing fight scene. I'm looking forward to reading about how Sookie manages to calm Eric down. I hope that she's sympathetic of his pain.
8/23/2011 c44 2Maori kotiro
loved the update
8/23/2011 c44 Millarca666
Eeep! *cowers* I hope she says something that snaps him out of his state.
8/17/2011 c43 tvdtb

6am is entirely too early to read something this intense!

WOW Celia!

This chapter totally rocked!

I LOVE all of the intrigue and fear you added to it, and...WHAT. A. CLIFFIE!

I just don't think I'm ever going to let you finish this story! Not unless you promise another one immediately after!

Lots of love!

8/17/2011 c42 tvdtb
I think you wrote this chapter exceptionally well Celia.

You showed Eric's remorse, and especially the fact that he didn't expect Sookie to forgive easily. That earned him points.

He was so grateful just to hold her again in his arms...that scene was heart breaking.

I think everything played out just perfectly.

Your lemons are always well written and beautiful.

I knew you would pull through the angst with your usual brilliance and grace.

8/17/2011 c41 tvdtb
So much catching up to do so I will keep this one short...

LOVED IT of course, but I adored Lizzie's replies to Sookie so very much.

Such a smart, smart girl. You write her very well!

8/16/2011 c43 Diane
Just read the whole thing in the last week. I loved this story so much! What a great read. Such a fantastic plot. I particularly loved all the little details that you've been adding (those that don't really matter to the story, but that keep making me read more - for instance in this chapter you wrote about Alice, Tara and JB's daughter - and it wasn't needed, but it gave more "reality" to your story; and Jason with his 4th wife...), and the interaction between Sookie and Eric was great, and with little Liz too. I adore how Eric cares for the child.
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