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10/8/2012 c1 ap630
I know this is backwards...but I just reread this story and it's still a great read the second time round. The ending is perfect.
8/13/2012 c46 5Baronessjai
I loved this story..I couldn't stop reading...hope to see more of your work :-)
8/8/2012 c46 1AddictedToLoveStories
Great adventure
6/4/2012 c46 2lifesucks96
I loved this story. It was amazing. I cried at the end!
4/18/2012 c46 onemoon
So sad to see this beautiful story end. And what a perfect ending it was! I hope you will be writing again soon. I will be looking forward to see what kind of tale you'll be creating in the hopefully close future. Be well, best wishes and thank you for sharing your talent!

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3/27/2012 c46 endsa
Your 1st story? OMG.

I absolutely l o v e d i t !
3/15/2012 c46 2ashmo2000
awesome story! as usual with sookie and eric:tons of things to say that are never said. this story was well written your first one and i saw how you started off slow then gained momentum as the story went on. i think you grew into writing the way everyone does and i can't wait 'til you write more:)
1/15/2012 c46 12FanOTheFang
Loved it - Thank you!

So good to have everything finished - even down to the details of Pam being happy and Elizabeth too!


1/15/2012 c39 FanOTheFang
Loved Nat's POV - Totally understandable that she would want Eric to be her's. Don't we all? And he's been her's so, of course, she still wants him!

Really enjoying this - Thank you!
1/14/2012 c36 FanOTheFang
Brilliant build up of tension - very nicely done!

I'm also loving the thought of Pam at Lizzie's fashion show!

Thank you for filling my Saturday - again


1/11/2012 c33 FanOTheFang
Getting back to this again - This was a clever chapter... we needed a bit of Pam right now!

I'm thrilled that she is cheering for them... but I love the ominous warning too!


1/8/2012 c28 FanOTheFang
Ocella freaks me out! But he makes me want to read on too

So enjoying your story - I love that they are happy - or were before the end of this chappie! The "life" Sook and Eric could have together is intriging


1/7/2012 c17 FanOTheFang
Wow! Taking a breather and time to review while I try and compute how much time has passed! This is an Epic Fic!

Did you plan this out? All this time passing by?

I know there's a long way to go so I have to keep reading - but I wanted to say thanks for writing...



PS. I'll Be There For You is an old favourite of mine - I saw Bon Jovi at Donington in 1987 and a few times since. Your story has a great soundtrack!
1/7/2012 c10 FanOTheFang
So sorry! I shouldn't have read this far and not reviewed... but I'm loving your story. It's nicely paced - I just want to keep reading on and on.

It's so different, having S&E apart for so long, in the beginning I automatically assumed they'd get together, now I'm not sure!

You know I have a soft spot for sweet weres! I do like David, and feel like Sook's been unfair not telling him her story. He found Sook's past out from Pam - poor guy!


12/29/2011 c46 JLWalsh
A wonderful story. Loved what you've done with the characters. Thank you very much!
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