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10/2/2011 c46 Toni9536
Hi just finished reading your story, you write wonderfully I really enjoyed your characters and storyline, I really hope that I have the pleasure of reading more of your stories.

Thanks for sharing yr hard work with us.
9/18/2011 c46 tvdtb

Here goes love,

1. I still can't believe this was your very first story. How is that possible? You have such a gift Celia, you really do. You have the ability to draw people in, captivating them in such a way they are hanging onto every word you write.

2. I also can't believe you don't have children of your own. The way you have written not only the Sookie/Liz relationship, but especially the Eric/Liz relationship blows my mind. The love a parent has for their child is second to none, and you captured that perfectly. Eric with a teen was HILARIOUS!

3. This last chapter was so brilliantly written that honestly? Every last bit of angst and drama we lived with these characters absolutely disappeared. You tied everything in together perfectly. Not once in this story did you leave one stone unturned, or a loose end untied.

4. HELLO girl with the cake! I am SO that girl. It would either be a very large cake, or perhaps a LARGE display of cute Sprinkles cupcakes. Either way, THANKS my dear sweet friend for giving me a part in your beautiful world. I have loved taking this journey with you so much, and honestly can't wait to see what you come up with next. I will be waiting on the sidelines in my little cheerleading outfit ready to follow you where ever you choose to take us.

5. Finally, the last paragraph absolutely made me cry. It was as though I was sitting in a movie theatre watching the scene play before my eyes. Again, your way with words will never cease to amaze me.

LOTS of LOVE to you dear girl,

9/18/2011 c45 tvdtb
How has so much time gone by?


This one will be short because the next is a doozy.

LOVED this so much. Love you too!

9/11/2011 c46 Heather Y
I so enjoyed your story, loved what you did with the characters and their point of views. Can't for your next story! Also I am a big fan of Bon Jovi, just went and saw him in concert earlier this year and he played for 2 1/2 hours. Def one of the best concerts I have ever been to!
9/10/2011 c46 4Tynee23
Thanks for this wonderful adventure.
9/2/2011 c46 VampSexual
"Just luv this story" - rev would b longer but hv arthritic hands n hard to type sometimes
9/1/2011 c38 virgomrs
Yeah - you better be hiding! LOL
9/1/2011 c37 virgomrs
"Bridges of Madison County" is one of my all time favorite movies. I always cry. I'm afraid I may cry with your next few chapters too! Eric - be strong -er!
9/1/2011 c36 virgomrs
Uh oh - this should be interesting...
9/1/2011 c46 1LostInSpace33
This has to be one of the best, most satisfying final chapters I've ever read in SVM fics! It had everything: it made me laugh (Eric and Lizzie's "sex talk"), it made me cry (the last couple of sentences), and it left nothing unresolved. A fantastic ending to a fabulous story! Thank you for sharing and I hope you will continue to post your work...I'll definitely read it! :)
9/1/2011 c46 Trajedy99
Congratulations, well done and thank you. I have thoroughly enjoyed your story. I look forward to reading more of your work. Thank you and regards. Trudy
9/1/2011 c46 teka83
Thanks for the update Celia and for sharing this story here. And let me congratulate you on this wonderful ending: I love that you've written 4 different POVs in 4 different moments. This way you allowed us to see Liz growing up, and their family staying strong. Thank you for the story - I loved it and I can hardly believe that this was your first fanfic. If you're this good now, when you're just starting, you'll be really great when you have a little more experience. Thank you again for sharing this. Tk83
8/31/2011 c20 virgomrs
Lemons? Delicious!
8/31/2011 c46 linn530
great story so sad it's over please keep writing.
8/31/2011 c46 Eric's Little Bullet-Sucker
I'm so glad that Sookie finally let Eric turn her and that everything was still alright between them after that (so glad that even after 25 years together, they are still in love and that they dance with each other). And awwww, Liz is all grown-up already! And I'm so gonna miss this story. It's as if we got to see their little family grow and now... their gone. I sure hope that you'll start a new story asap. Thank you for sharing this with us.
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