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2/21/2011 c2 teka83
nice eric's point of view. and i like that he hadn't follow her or begged her to come back. he's a man and if sookie doesnt want him, then he leaves her alone. that's the eric i know. nice.
2/21/2011 c4 VAlady
So difficult..I hate to see Eric become cold and unfeeling, but Sookie has hurt him so deeply it's understandable that he would want that. Does she even realize that the bond is always there in the background? If Ocella succeeds in breaking it, I hope she feels the loss and realizes what she had done. This is making me a little sad..
2/12/2011 c3 ruwida
don't makeher forget him! make him follow her! can'twait to read about ocella and how youll write him!
2/11/2011 c3 kerriki
No one can forget The Great Eric Northman...can they? Gracious Plenty? Can't wait for more!
2/11/2011 c3 VAlady
hum..she's utterly and absolutely in love with him (reference chapter 1) now she's happy to turn her back on him and run away. Perhaps she's bipolar..that might explain a lot. she's obviously clueless about what her decision has done to Eric (again, the man she utterly & absolutely loves)..I'm going to stick with this story and see where it goes, but I'm not liking Sookie at all right now.
2/10/2011 c2 ArmyGirl2010
OOh dark Eric. Scary! I hope the bond can't be broken and eric does get dark but meets up with Sookie again and has to fight for her. What can I say, I love angst.
2/6/2011 c2 doll
eric likes her! i'm frustrated right now! hoping you'll get these 2 together again. good job!
2/6/2011 c1 doll
nice start! but sookie's stupid - why leave eric?
2/5/2011 c2 bbre
I really love it so far. I dontthink anyone has done this story line and I'm really excited normally its eric racing to find her and bring her back. Your doing greatso far keep up and I can't wait for another chapter
2/5/2011 c2 racecz5
Yikes, dark Eric I'm not looking forward to. Why are those two so blind?
2/4/2011 c2 VAlady
I'm surprised that you have going to his maker, considering all the things he did to him in the past. Although if he wants to become like his master, that would be the way to go. You have started an interesting story. Of course I'm already pissed at Sookie and it's only chapter 2..
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