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for Taking Care of Remy

6/19/2019 c2 Noble1412
This fic is amazing! I have read it so many times but it never fails to make me smile and giggle. I wish there way more!
5/31/2013 c1 20theway.youare13
OK! I red chapter 2 about 10 times already... But I skipped the first one... cuz I usually don't like the fic with "Children's character" ... But the other day I was so bored I decided to read your first chapter... and I was so angry with myselft for not having red it before!... The thing with orange juice... so sweet... and then you use it again in chapter 2... It was brilliant... and I love the way Allison is worried for Remy...
4/5/2013 c2 Chibi04
Nice plot. Very cute ;)
6/9/2012 c2 11myshipsank
I'm smiling here like an idiot. This was just too cute.
10/12/2011 c2 4razmataz13drums
Aww this is soo sweet :D and I feel that way about very little :P I love Allison's action of kissing her hand instead of a sick Remy. Haha trust Remy to call over Orange juice! Yeah I actually saw imagine me and you the other day. It has tonnes of famous people in it I didn't realise. Plus the main character's, Rachel, accent was pretty good, despite the 'unconvincing' and 'inconsistent' comments I heard. I also liked how her husband Heck wasn't an arsehole, was more believable :)
8/11/2011 c2 42RainboIsland
I absolutely loved this and the one before together. Absolutely adorable.
8/11/2011 c1 RainboIsland
Awww, Remy *is* just too adorable.
7/15/2011 c2 8srhittson
Aw such a cute story I love it
4/16/2011 c2 6charmed-darkangel
haha wow, that was cute! I like how you wrote it so that once would be when they were young and once when they were older! Great job!
2/6/2011 c2 2Nightlancer600
Hahahaha! This is sooooo cute! I love it. Great job as always. I like reading stories that show Remy and Allison as little kids and then all grown up and still together. Can't wait for the next story you post!

Also - I saw that movie a few months ago and I thought it was really well done. A very cute movie for sure :D
2/5/2011 c2 sgiambra22
um hi...that was fucking awesome! ohhh myyy god this is my favorite story by far :) yay! haha maybe u should add another chapter ;) because this was camteen blissā™„
2/5/2011 c2 athy13
Loved this fic! You should do a sequel/continuation where Ally gets sick (because of Remy?) and Remy has to take care of her. I can just see her being at a loss for what to do.
2/5/2011 c2 siege98
this is absolutely adorable! love the ending LOL!
2/4/2011 c2 miralinda
Loved it loved it loved it!

this was so sweet and cute, I have a huge smile on my face :D

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