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for Prison of Souls

7/3/2015 c1 Guest
Zim fighting against another Irken is always entertaining XD
8/21/2014 c9 Shmez
Fuz must have killed those people so she could harvest
Their souls
8/21/2014 c8 Shmez
So that is where the title comes from
8/21/2014 c7 Shmez
This Is a nice story
8/21/2014 c5 Shmez
So what is zims plan?
3/17/2014 c9 19UGX7
This is a fantastic fic and I hope you update it soon. All the characters are just as they should be and your OCs are very likable. I also like the supernatural mystery you've got going and I hope you don't abandon this story.
6/30/2013 c9 1Invaderness
It was Fuz! Unless your trying to twist it around on me. Lol. PLEASE continue! I rarely ever find good fics and when I do they're in hiatus or discontinued. I'm excited to see more of Quinn at school. :D
2/12/2013 c9 14crazyanimefreak15
Ooooooo! I love this so far! Please update soon! I can't wait!
12/2/2012 c9 Red Echo
I relised all the clues were so, incredibly Irken,that last line gave it away that it wasn't Zim at all
Ill admit, I sqeaked a little when Dib reconized the writting

Suspense! Please write more, it would be awesome if you could be a once-a-week author, or at least a once-every-two-weeks author...

Whatever, this story is flippin' awesome and I will die if you dont write more soon...so yeah, don't let me die
12/2/2012 c7 Red Echo
Im reviewing*doing the review dance*...Theres gonna be a compliment in here somewhere...Aha! Found it!

This story is really freaking awesome, and it would be mega cool if you wrote more...can you do more with Dib being in the SE? That part was totally funny
11/30/2012 c9 11sakiko of soleana
11/4/2012 c1 Secret Juice
Assassination, tallests getting eaton by monsters, and DONUTS! BEST STORY EVER!
4/29/2012 c8 6Donnistar
Oh wow, this was just too cute. Quin is just precious - she's probably one of the most likable OC's I've encountered in a story. You've got a really good grasp on your characters and it definitely shows. The little bit with the butterfly was especially sweet. This turtle's got my interest all piqued now - you've laid down a lot of really cool groundwork to go with and I'm excited to see how it unfolds.

(Also, yay, Fuz got her SIR unit back. I made this face and everything: ^ ^)
4/28/2012 c8 AshWing
I'm so happy you updated! i cant believe you really but me in there! i am so happy! this chapter is so cute, i love quin so much. Gir is the funnest robot ever and I'm glad you made him like the real git in stead of having him just shout random words all the time. and i defiantly feel that way, this is the best fanfic ever! i can tell that the turtle will be awesome.

P.S. i give you virtual hugs.
4/27/2012 c8 5MissBliss8527
Mushroom the snail. I love Quin. She's just so... nice. XD I used to have a snail. I named it Fish because it lived in a fishtank, and I already had a fish named Snail. A few years afterward I got another snail, and I named that one Goldfish because it had a yellow shell, and the tradition of my magicalness is that all snails must have the word fish in their name. Update soon!
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