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9/9/2004 c5 2Darkwolf5
Excellent, simple excellent.

For as long as I've been interested in BattleTech, which has been awhile now, Clan Wolverine has always facinated me. Sadly the lack of official data, and the rather poor way in which many authors have handles the subject has been disheartening. I tip my hat to your sir, this is very good.

As far as your critics are concerned. Well, I for one rather enjoyed the long prologue, it set things up nicely and explained a number of things that aided in the comprehention of later chapters greatly. And as for the level 3 tech, I certainly see no problem with it. As much as some complain about it, BattleTech is a fluid universe with enough open ended stories and loopholes to allow us to tweek it without our imaginations. It wouldn't be much an RPG if we couldn't.

Besides, I think your explaination is more than sound. Clan level 2 tech is essentially Star League tech that's been regined, official FASA sources said that the Clans had made no real breakthroughs until the invasion stalled and they had to start thinking outside the box. In your case the Wolverines would already have level 2 tech, and probably some basic Clan tech when they arrived in the Inner Sphere. Combine that with their scientist cadre, the equipment information and people they rescued from ComStar, and their need to adapt to I.S. conditions and the need to be able to beat back the Clans. From that melting pot its possible, perhaps even probably, that at least SOME level 3 tech would emerge.

Assuming this story hasn't been killed I would like very much if you would email me. As I said this particular subject, and my past failures to write a simmilar story, have very much piqued my curiosity and I would like the opportunity to ask a few questions.

2/13/2003 c5 4The SOC Puppet
How to respond to these critiques...?

I already noted that until WizKids or FanPro cares to comment on what really happened to the Wolverines (not this bull**** alien story), I'd take my story as an AU.

The Wolverines as a whole have some Clan-level tech, and Level 3 at that. Due to complaints about the length of the Prologue, I couldn't explain things as I thought best. But here goes:

1. The CID rescued hundreds of scientists from ComStar back when Primus Karpov was trying to destroy all "lostech" researchers and caches. Those scientists and their descendants contributed a huge amount of technology and expertise to the Clan; like a mini-Renaissance.

2. Not everyone in the Clan actually has access to this technology; most of it is still in developmental stages or prototype form, other than stuff they ABSOLUTELY needed (and for the Inner Sphere units, more often than not the answer has been "you don't need it"; more on that tension later).

3. As you'll find in later chapters, the Clan's technological expertise is actually split between factions. Certain factions/Houses own the rights to certain weapons/tech; some jealously guard it, others share it. The few "Clantech" 'Mechs you've seen so far are a rarity, a gift to the owner by their entire Blood House.
2/13/2003 c5 2NegativeCWD
OK, I have to say: The Wolverines having Level 3 'tech is just plain wrong.
2/10/2003 c4 NegativeCWD
Hey! I remember the first version of this story from S7. I'm very glad to see you're working on it again. The Wolverines fascinate me. I myself worked on a FanFic and Field Manual about them but, it was no good. Your's is far superior, although the stuff about the Immortal Warrior and the toy market are kind of wild.

Methinks I may have to switch my multiplayer insignia in Mechwarrior 4 back to theKeep up the 331st. Keep up the good work!
12/9/2002 c5 16The Wobbly Guy
Oh well, looks like another uber Clan Wolverine sort of fic. I wonder what Cray would think of this. Have you read his fic on CBT on them? Hilarious!:D

Good work with the descriptions. One thing you might want to take note. Don't put spacing in your paragraphs when will do it for you. It only makes the spaces much wider and the fic harder to read.

A few real comments.

You missed out on the McKinnon bloodname. I didn't know of this one either until MacAttack informed the HMP board on one of the periodic Wolverine discussions that cropped up. He popped that little factoid into the second McKinnon's Raiders scenario pack. The clanners went berserk and tried to take down McKinnon at all costs due to his name when they faced off against his company. also, there was a captain in the Wolf Dragoons with the surname of Rpndella who wore a patch of the terran state of Minnesota on her jacket. Maybe another wolverine spy?

Also, level 3 tech is too munch. The one route that many fans don't want is the uber faction that crushes everything in its path. Come on, how are the Wolverines going to develop that level of tech when targeting computers, for example, doesn't even have a equivalent Star League concept to build on? The IS got to where it is now in 3062 by copying clan tech as much as they can, but truly revolutionary advances like TCs, elementals, omnitech, and even L3 ER pulse lasers(at least you used x-pulse) should not be available to the Wolverines.

The Nice Guy
4/26/2002 c4 56The Marauders
Very interesting angle, I always hated it how they left the fate of the Wolverines so open. It seemed like such a huge plot hole to me.

Story seems good so far, keep it up!

4/4/2002 c1 4The SOC Puppet
Let me respond to the earlier point: remember Winthrop and Matsuda's interrogation earlier in Part 3? Matsuda already knew how to get around security in the palace. ISF never got a chance to inspect the doll, because they never saw Agent Kuwata bring it in.

Anyway, does it really matter if they found the electronics (which WERE designed to melt after one use)? The House Kurita SB only says that they couldn't figure out who sent the doll, which includes outside people.

The doll speaking was because Jinjiro was already nuts; Matsuda figured that he had to be faced with something so shocking that it would drive him completely off the edge. Being faced with billions of corpses and being reminded of them one by one, every day, would probably have been enough.

Thanks for pointing out the irregularities, though. I'm trying not to make this series too off the wall.
4/3/2002 c4 16The Wobbly Guy
Another interesting chapter. Why don't you just get over the prologue and start naming them as chapters of the first part of the story? This has got to be the longest prologue EVER!:)

About the Jinjiro scene. Uh, wouldn't the ISF examine the doll for any irregularities? And if so, they would definitely have realised that it wasn't an ordinary doll, not with the electronics packed inside! Even if the electronics were wired in such a way that they would melt themselves into slag after use, the silicon components would be pretty damming evidence for the 'gift' being the work of an outside party with some high tech.

I would very much preferred it if they had pegged him down so solidly that the mere sight of the doll would have driven him mad.

And he was supposed to act more psychotic before the incident. Too calm for my liking.
3/28/2002 c3 The Wobbly Guy
Excellent work again. My only gripe is the secrecy part. Not even Heimdall could keep total secrecy, and they had a lot less people than the Wolverines. Other than that, everything works.

And how will they avoid the clans? The world Vigilance will probably get hit in the first wave, and Wolverine genes might be discovered.

NOT a happy thought. I'll get back to you via email concerning your offer. :)
3/25/2002 c2 5Cyber-Undead
hmM, cool!

been awhile since I read anything with so many "antiques" =) still, it's nice to see someone reminds us of how powerfull these were in their own days (and some still today...)!

good work, keep it up...
3/24/2002 c2 16The Wobbly Guy
Incredibly good! Save for minor inconsistencies, like the Prinz Eugen problem I've already mentioned on S7, everything fits. The only gripe I have is the sheer size of the Wolverine survivors. EIGHT warships! That's not just a small fraction of survivors, that's already one heck of an army!(by 3060 terms)

Never mind, we can always blame it all on clan revisionist history. For example,to cover up their shame for the Prinz Eugen, the clans simply put another warship in its place. Phelan Kell might know the truth, but he decided to keep it secret during his report for the Warriors of Kerensky. ;)

I suppose you will be using Clinton's Cutthroats later in the story? Always wondered why the Wolverines suddenly called them back. Must be one heck of a job holding off the rampaging alien hordes... :)

PS. The comment about the alien hordes was by Coleman, so I will take it as canon. :D
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