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10/22/2012 c1 2rainbowlollipops15
i'd love to read another chapter!
9/2/2012 c1 smkffnut
I am sorry that you have had problems. I will miss reading your stories here on FF. I couldn't figure out how to open an acct at your new place, so although I will check there periodically for updates, I will not be able to leave reviews. Thanks for writing!
8/10/2012 c1 4KariAnn1222
To the below reviewer: Please see my author's profile for an explanation & a link to The Waiting Place's new home. :)
8/9/2012 c1 person
Hi! Im not sure whats going on but can you tell me why suddenly all your stories are missing i.e The Waiting Place which i have become addicted to. Have you deleted them off the internet (if you can do that) or something?
Please can i get a responce or something because im very confused. Love your work btw xxxxxxxx
12/8/2011 c2 6angelicmethod
Amazing - as always, Kari!
11/13/2011 c2 79Lily1986

That was wicked! And ya know... I kinda agree. I think it's VERY possible that Ron and Lavender may have gone there. He hooked up with her out jealousy of Hermione and Victor's relationship. And Ron was a jealous, overreacting teenage boy in HBP. A normal teenage boy would not turn down sex. Lavender is a little harder to read though. Because on the one hand she could definitely have initiated sex especially if a part of her KNEW Ron was actually in love with Hermione (which I think she did) but I do wonder if she were "that girl"... You know... The cliche that sleeps with her boyfriend to keep him around... It's definitely a toss up. But both scenarios actually fit.
9/25/2011 c1 CeeCee69
You know, there are some stories on here where I sometimes wonder why there are so many reviews when the story lacks good characterisations and plot. Even going so far as to go over the top with its characters, and then you have authors like yourself who are extremely talented and write very good stories and yet have little reviews for them.

Kari, I have to say that you are a brilliant writer for the HP fandom, one of the best I've read on here to be perfectly honest and it saddens me to know that you won't continue this story. Please do have a rethink about it, as I thoroughly enjoyed what you have written so far. And your other stories too are wonderful.
8/28/2011 c2 16HeRonFan
Okay, can't believe you don't have more reviews for this, so I'll add one to it.

This was a fun read! Emotional, highly articulate (as usual) and very plausible for canon, which I appreciate very much. Quite the little surprise at the end. I laughed. Good line about her handbag from Ron. Actually, that was a GREAT line. Sounds just like him. Still, with all the fun of this fic, you also manage to capture the guilt-ridden pleasure of experiencing love, and happiness when surrounded by mourning. It was a lovely read. Thanks for sharing your one shots.
8/28/2011 c1 HeRonFan
I liked this!

Nice for Hermione to have someone to talk to, even if it is Ginny, who I am not a fan of and have difficulty liking or writing for her myself. Didn't like the way she treated Ron, jumping on the twins bandwagon of teasing him.

Great last line and the implication of the bar scene is just hot even without your actually going into it.

Title reminded me of The Stepford Wives-the original, not the robot ones of the later movie. Made me intrigued to read it.

An interesting twist would be if Hermione got out of the tub to find an intruder. I'm sure you toyed with that at some point, and perhaps it inspired "Coming to Term" (which I haven't finished yet).

I think Hermione's over-zealousness to get the Wizengamot to change their ways is spot on!
8/13/2011 c2 Ronnie's Account - Purged
We've said it before, and we'll say it again - FINALLY someone agrees with us on the whole Ron/Lavender issue! Like you've said several times in your work, Ron was a sixteen-year-old boy, not Mother Theresa! We remember going to school with sixteen year old boys (it wasn't that long ago, after all), and they're horny as hell! It's not they're fault they're biologically disposed to think with their downstairs brains at that age. But we digress.

This story continues to be amazing. We love that you're jumping through time, giving us glimpses into Ron and Hermione's life together. It's wonderful, and very well-written. We appreciate you're love for the English language as only grammar nazis can.

As we said earlier, you're Ron and Hermione are spot on. Their mannerisms, language, and thoughts are very canon compliant.! Keep up the great work. We'll be looking forward to more in the future.
8/13/2011 c1 Ronnie's Account - Purged
We have so much love for this story right now! Over the past several months, we've read A LOT of Ron/Hermione stories set post-DH, and while they're almost always entertaining, they're often OOC or contrite. This is neither! In fact, this is a gem.

We love the Ginny/Hermione interaction here, as well as the Ron/Hermione interaction. All of your stories somehow manage to portray Ron and Hermione as the best friends they truly are, which is impressive, considering many fanfic writers forget that they're besties first and bed buddies second (does that even make sense?). Oh, well.

Anyway, you did an awesome job in this of convincing us that Ron has grown up without really growing up (and, consequently, out of character). Also, you're Hermione is pitch perfect as always. Keep up the awesome work. You're stories are like our crack!
8/8/2011 c2 JustEmmettPlease
You really think Ron slept with Lavendar? He's my favorite fictional character of all time, but he's a bit thick when it comes to girls. While I agree that a 16 year old would have a hard time refusing Lavendar on a platter, I just don't think they moved that fast in the short time they were actually physically together. First kiss to first shag in 3 months? I mean, they got together in November at the first Quidditch match, at Christams Ron admits to Harry that its "mainly snogging", and by eight weeks later when he's poisoned on his birthday March 1, he's resorted to pretending to be asleep to avoid her (yet he's always awake for Hermione's visits). I can't imagine that he would sleep with her after that, especially after making up with Hermione. And as my friend astuetly pointed out, if he was "gettin' some" he wouldn't be avoiding her so much. Sorry about getting up on my soapbox there, honestly. I like the fact that you left an explanation at the end, and everyone IS rightfully entitled to their own opinion. I do agree that Ron and Hermione wouldn't last long resisting each other, though. Amazing what close to 4 years of pent-up sexual tenion can do, hmm? I thought your scene was brilliant! I think angst has its place in the months after the war, and its good that they find love in each other.

Your writing is fantastic, and I wish you the best in getting published. I've said it before, I would buy your work! Thanks, and sorry again about the running-on, I drive my friends batty over it.

So, how did it go with Ginny and Harry on the kitchen table? LOL!
8/4/2011 c2 Lilyofthevale
Fantastic! I still maintain Ron would be a virgin though... really wonderful writing.. good luck with the novel
7/19/2011 c2 douttasite
Oh, I can't tell you how happy I was to see this story in my inbox yesterday (before you added it to this as a chapter)! It is so hard to find truly good R/Hr fics, and I really enjoy yours. I am bummed that you aren't planning to finish the Scorpius/Rose fic, but that is great news about your original story! Good for you.

Enjoyed this take on their "first-time", and I am considering your take on whether Ron and Lavender went all the way. I feel like they would have fooled around but maybe not done the deed per se. But you do make a good point that he might not have been strong enough to resister her if she was determined. I tend to think that both of them were so naive and inexperienced that that scenario never presented itself.

Anyway, excepting Hallowed Hearts, I usually like a slow burn. But I agree that after all the war, hormones, etc., it's not likely.

My only slight critique on this one would be that while it's very logical and Hermione-like to just "let me strip and let's do it" I'd also enjoy a more drawn out and handsy type of getting-the-clothes-off. I hope that doesn't sound pervy, LOL. I just mean it'd make it more emotional and less clinical if there were a bit more lead up or foreplay. JMO and personal preference though. :)

I love your writing, and I hope you find the time to write more of these?
7/19/2011 c1 HeRonLove
I am glad that Hermione and Ginny are a there fo each other. I like the way that Ron intends to spend his anniversity.

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