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for Can you save me?

10/4/2014 c1 BethIsMyName
I'm on the verge of tears... when he kissed her... how could she say no?
3/11/2013 c1 jhsdishidjmc
This should have been a full story with a happy ending. :(
3/15/2011 c1 1weirdgirlfromanotherplanet
2/23/2011 c1 InTheWorld
No more? ): Too bad.

I like this. It's great. Kinda sad I guess, but I like it.
2/12/2011 c1 5roseskyangel
this is really good love it
2/8/2011 c1 7Tearryn
OMG ! I really love where this is going and was kinda disapointed to see that only one chapter has been put up so far ! Regardless , I am really glad I found this story when I did ! I won't ask about any pairings just yet because only Rose and Dimirti have been mentioned so far !
2/8/2011 c1 1MamaOrc666
o dear god PLEASE i BEG of you, ONE MORE CHAPTER! better yet, a Fanfiction! i want them togetherrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! DX message me your reasoning as to why or why not, cuz im curious! DX

-The Jester
2/6/2011 c1 6rivereq
aww how sad, i was hoping for a happy ending but i still liked this one. good work!
2/6/2011 c1 2D. Kelly
Oh man you should continue this story and not make it a one shot Great chapter update soon Debbie
2/6/2011 c1 Aileen.Hathaway

Could you possible make it into a story?

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