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for Beauty and the Tragedy

7/26/2018 c29 Mayonaka Yue
This was such a sweet and emotional amuto story.
8/30/2017 c29 AmutoLover15
Geez, this story of yours never fails to make me cry. My eyes are swollen right now because of this. Tell me your secret... how are you such a good writer? I need your skills, haha. This story i g! One of my favorites. I also adore your other stories! They're so creative plus they flow so nicely. Continue making more stories! I love 'em
5/2/2017 c29 AmutoLover15
Dammit, author! This is your second story that has made me cry. I think my review for your other story is already enough praise, but damn, son. Teach me how to write like you, Master. Thanks again for posting your wonderful stories!
5/28/2016 c21 3Lady of the Fates
This chapter would have been an awesome way to end.
5/12/2016 c29 2Emia606
This was one of the most amazing stories I have ever read. So much emotion and the feels oh the feels! The ending was perfect, showing the first chapter of the story was a brilliant idea and I nearly cried.
4/20/2016 c1 Guest
.-. u do know that amu and ami and like 6-7 years apart
9/26/2015 c14 omuraisshu
Okay, the guy is fucking bipolar, one second he goes and rant on like a bastard and then another second he kissed her!? WTF!? Still, amuto is happening.
9/26/2015 c13 omuraisshu
Oooooohhhhh! Snap! She's pregnant! Dun dun dun
4/8/2015 c29 LucretiaKonwrath
This is the most beautiful story I've ever read. It literally brought me to tears. It's amazing and I definitely cannot wait to read your other stories. Keep up the good work !
1/24/2015 c29 Stephanie2796
omgggg such a great storyy
1/23/2015 c29 cold-mimaimo
ARHHH! OMG! it was SOOOOO good! I loved it so much! Thank you! :D
12/28/2014 c29 8bright places
This was an amazing story and once I read the first chapter, I found myself reading the rest of it in one sitting. I love how how smoothly each event flowed into one another and that you had Kukai and Utau get to together, as well as Rima and Nagihiko. This story was really enjoyable, and I thank you for writing this 29 chapter long Amuto fan fiction. You are a gifted writer.
I'm especially happy to see that there were no unneeded fillers in the story and that the romantic scenes were believable. Your skill in explaining Amu's past was splendid. Your grammer was almost perfect and reading this through without having to correct the grammar in my mind was a precious gift that you gave me. I hope your awesomeness continues to spread.
Also, on a side note, I found out about your story through another website and read it there. I do not know if you have given permission to let the person post it there, so have the link here:
archiveofourown works /2748797 /chapters /6161918
Sorry for putting spaces between the URL, but I didn't want FF to take it away.
Once again, thank you for the story and happy writing.
10/15/2014 c29 5artistofthemind
This is amazing! It's a great piece of writing!
8/7/2014 c29 17DevilTito
I nearly pulled an all-nighter to finish the story, because I was hooked! May I just say that your writing is flawless! :)
7/26/2014 c14 Guest
I'm in love with this story for as far as I've read, but I'm not sure about this chapter. I think they made up too easily. Other than that, it's good. :3
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