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for When the Stars Go Blue

3/27/2021 c7 6era-romance
made me smile. I suppose that's all you can really ask for in a great fic
11/18/2014 c7 12SammiLoves2Write
This was so cute!
6/13/2014 c7 8catwoman8940
interesting loved it.
9/24/2012 c5 36AlphaWriter1
OMG I LOVE YOU! "Light My Candle" Is my absolute FAVORITE rent song (with the exception of Finale B just because my Show Choir sings it) and it's my go-to shower song (right next to Defying Gravity) And I'll Cover You is an incredible song as well! I'm constantly walking around singing that song.
7/10/2012 c7 26UnbelievinglyRandom
The last part made me smile uncontrollably :D UST! I just love me some Puckleberry and Dasey :D Tina just earned major points for knowing what UST meant. Lol. Anyways that was a cute story. Loved it.
9/24/2011 c7 growing into glamour
First of all, fantastic fic! It was entertaining and well written with minor spelling mistakes being the only negative. As for the fics you should write next...

1- Of Ringpops, Krispy Kreme, and Love

2- Puckelberritana:First McKinley, then the World

3- Sweet, Summer, Berry

4- To the Moon and Back
6/24/2011 c3 26nitefang
HOLY FUCK! "I may or may not read too much Dasey fanfiction." AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA those two are basically the EPITOME of UST. brilliant. Just absolutely brilliant. :D
6/20/2011 c6 3PandaBear14
Love it!
5/18/2011 c4 Guest
I agree with you about Santana! GO PUCKLEBERRY! :)3
5/15/2011 c4 6Lady B90
omg I love Dasey fanfic! so funny cuz that's what I was thinking of when you mentioned UST! I love how you made Puck watch it-and their relationships (Puckleberry and Dasey) are so similiar, it's great
5/5/2011 c6 2Saint of the Sinners
LOVE IT! SOOOOO MUCH...meanie who doesn't like HIMYM.
4/22/2011 c6 sonofafluffymuffin
aaaaaaaaaaawwwwwhhhh it's OVER D: lol BUT IT WAS SOOO SOOO GOOD! . hahaha I change my vote! XP I say sequel to THIS is top priority :^ and I am SO adding you to my 'subscribed' authors list(x
4/22/2011 c7 sonofafluffymuffin
Of Ringpops, Krispy Kreme, and Love: 1

Sweet, Summer, Berry: 2

To the Moon and Back: 3

Puckleberritana: First Mckinley, then the world: 4
4/21/2011 c7 16IsisLes5
i like 2: "Sweet, Summer, Berry" and "Puckleberritana: First Mckinley, then the world "
4/21/2011 c7 swimmer5
To the Moon and Back: 4

Sweet, Summer, Berry: 3

Of Ringpops, Krispy Kreme, and Love: 1

Puckleberritana: First Mckinley, then the world: 2
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