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for Child of the Light one

6/22/2014 c9 jeannot1978
It goes "Th- th- th- that's all, folks!" duh duh duh du- uh duh du- u- uh! Nice story, and Ash gets a "twin sister" out of all this. LMFAOOTF!
12/27/2012 c9 anom
well written but honestly way too many walls of text they keep the self reflection together yes but they still need some paterns or spaces to break it up as its harder to read without losing ur place when its a completely solid wall of text...
that and u are incredibly original to show an emotional ash etc also awesome pokeshipping almost enough to make up for horsea(crys quietly in mourning)
7/6/2012 c9 Guest
3/20/2011 c9 Paolo
Wow. This is an incredible fic! Enthralled throughout (possibly teary-eyed through half of it...). Can you send me a link to any other fics you've written please? My email is paulos_27 - thanks for a brilliant novel.

10/6/2009 c9 8FTEcho 4
Holy. Balls.

I... God!

I don't know what to say. One of the best fanfics, no, one of the best ANYTHINGS I've ever read. It almost seems as though it was tailored specifically to me. My fears, my worries, my hopes, my dreams, all meshed together. Obviously I'm not the Child of the Phoenix(OR AM I! DUN DUN DUN!), but I do worry about changes, in my mind, in my character. And I have a fear that, to protect myself from the hate and pain others caused me, I have changed myself to the point that I'm losing my mind, and that I'm becoming dangerous to others. I am developing a deep, deep fear that I not only will be alone for my whole life, but indeed SHOULD be alone, not only for me, but for the ones I love as well. Ash's revelation, and Misty's fear from it in chapter... 5, I think, really hit home with me. And Ash thinking about what it would be like to have all the power of the world, but being alone for eternity... I have had a very, very similar train of thought run through my head many times now. After reading this, I cried. I fell on my knees on the balcony outside my dorm and cried like a baby for full ten minutes, remembering all I have lost, fearing the future, and the sheer beauty of those words you used to describe exactly my fears... It got spooky, reading this. The story itself was amazing, all the way through, but the double twist at the end took the cake. Making me think Ash was there, and then it turning out to be the Phoenix... I was into this story hard-core. When I read that it wasn't Ash, I swear my heart stopped in my chest. I seriously forgot to breathe. It was unthinkable... and then, when he returned, I felt... whole again. Like everything was right with the world. There were so many lines from this story that were just beautiful. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for taking the time to write this. Just... thank you.

5/1/2009 c9 1grvest
honestly wow this is awesome all the stuff about the phoenix was interesting and well i gotta say i don't really like the ash misty thing but it made sense since you put it in johto and well on top of that i don't really care what pair was in it when the plot was this good i'm gonna have to read some of your other stuff but once again awesome
8/19/2008 c5 Chikofan
I Love Chikorita! She is so cute!

I wish i could have one!
8/19/2008 c9 Chikofan
Great! I love this Story!
12/8/2007 c9 1Dowdz
Fantastic story, I loved it. Hope to see more from you in the future.
4/22/2007 c9 Benmrules
...lost for words...'bloody brilliant' springs to mind, are you a professional writer? if not, have you ever considered taking it up? theres lines in this I know il never forget, congrats on a superb fanfic
4/9/2007 c9 1poka
Hilarious, but also a bit sad. keep going and u might be one of my favorite author! again great job
11/29/2006 c9 Artemis Ignitan
You've written a great story! I'm glad you saw it through, because most great stories are never completed. Great job, pioneer! :) All the good reviews are probably taken by now, so that's all I can say for now...
10/8/2006 c9 Blackdex
Despite having no real flaws, I did not really enjoy this piece; I believe it to be a good example of the story being less than the sum of its parts. As I mentioned, their isn’t really anything 'wrong' with it, but I just couldn’t get into the story, I stuck with it thinking it would get more involving, but it never did. I can’t really offer any advice on how to improve it, but I would suggest you re-read it yourself, and see if you can find a new way to do it. Ciao
9/26/2006 c9 2Souffle Rosetti
Year and years and this is still one of my favorite pokemon fics, if anything because of how awesome Chikorita is.
7/21/2006 c9 52KatonRyu
That story was definitely the best one I've read on this whole site. I don't know what else to say, this story was perfect, so there's no need for improvement.
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