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8/18/2018 c1 TeeHunter13
Still here!
1/23/2014 c2 TeeHunter13
I am so sad that this has been discontinued for three years now. I still keep coming back though, I just like these two lonely chapters so much.
5/9/2013 c2 10TummyTurtle
It's been a really long time since this was updated, but either way it is just too cute! I really hope you decide to continue with it, but you're probably not interested in the topic anymore... This has been one of my favorites, and it was really well written! I also enjoyed the author's notes. XDD Well...Continue if you want to, and if you do, I will certainly read it! :DDD
2/24/2013 c2 derpbye
Yo!Good story!Please continue! :)
6/24/2012 c2 JonathanMDful
6/24/2012 c1 JonathanMDful
3/11/2012 c2 Taratas
There are some plot holes here but I can overlook them as the writing is simply fantastic. You write much better than I can. Your style is evocative, your story intriguing, and Teto is so - dare I say it - moe. And not crappy annoying K-ON style moe, but moe as I suspect it was originally meant to be - sweet and heartwarming. Please continue this story, I love it.
2/20/2012 c1 Yuki Amaya DenkouQuizazz.com
I love Teto x Len :D (No I serously do)
12/28/2011 c1 NewmanElhabroukH
You think you could finish this I really like it. And I already commented on the second chapter just thought I should tell you if fanfictions could be published as books this would be a well loved book
10/2/2011 c2 NewmanElhabroukH
omg please write more i love this story it put me on cloud nine i mean there really isn't enough Teto/Len love out there
10/1/2011 c2 4Intentus Full Metallum
Wow, I really really like this. I love your writing style and how you portray Teto as an FRAKKIN ADORABLE little girl is wonderful. And Kaito and Meiko as Len's parents... I can't express my thanks Miku isn't in there. (I don't really like MikuxKaito...)

The way you described the future was amazing as well. It actually makes me terrified of living that long. If I did, I end up taking in as many LE's as I could. Miku should show up soon... maybye one of the successful LE's? Everyone's getting involved, even Gumi.

Overall, Me thinks you should write more. By (or on) October 12th. For my birthday. And for Teto.
9/21/2011 c2 The Music King
Please update soon! I really like this fic. :)
6/30/2011 c2 3gothicgirl101
Love it. Love it, love it, love it.

Please don't ever stop writing this!

I love how Teto is so childlike...I can't wait to see how Gumi fixes her up, and how Len will take care of her. :)

Keep it up!

6/30/2011 c1 gothicgirl101


This is really good. Do you know how hard it is to find a well-written, with plot LenxTeto fic?

Thank you, oh heavenly diety. You've given me a reason to love this pairing.

Please update soon! It's too amazing to be left unfinished.

Keep it up.

3/3/2011 c2 Cassiopea11
Kawai! I love the idea! Teto is soo loveable! Please update!
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