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for Sweetness Doesn't Suit Us

7/21/2016 c1 BronwynStClaire
*whistle* This was hot. I loved every second of it.
10/20/2015 c1 Guest
no no no no
6/23/2015 c1 Anon
This was awesome. Thank you. Exactly what I was looking for :)
10/22/2011 c1 65BlackBeautyQueen33
hot as fucking hell! Awesome
3/30/2011 c1 2twilightmecrazii
Loved it amazing & hot
3/3/2011 c1 Guest
Hawt! Can I just say how much I love the little competition and banter and bickering in an among this hot boy lovin? That, my friend, is the secret to writing beautiful, hot, and very successful Wincest. They would never lose their brother relationship even though they're also ridiculously in love with each other. The dynamics of them wouldn't change. They still hafta give each other crap. So yeah, the competition thing in this story made me giggle. Very good characterizations, very well written, and hot hot hot. Thanks! *hugs*
2/26/2011 c1 6LunaticV
that was hot XD
2/15/2011 c1 asm613
Dean detaches his lips from his brother's neck, wondering if those virgins have any idea of what they're missing. That just ain't any way to go through life. He has vague memories of virginity, but he tries not to dwell on them. If he's holding onto any memories its sex, sex, and well, more sex with Sam.

That's an ass that someone would kill for.

Scratch that. Fuck, he would, will, and has killed for that ass…and everything attatched to it.

He thought fleetingly that his brother had been watching too much porn.


this was some good inner dialoging and narrarrating-funny as shit and smart. the story had a very intense feel to it. well done. thanks for sharing.
2/8/2011 c1 37cold kagome
2/8/2011 c1 86supernaturalsammy67

this was...RED HOT!##OH god...OMG! I LOVED how rough they wrre! GIRL!

febmfw savbgb fbipfbipkzfb ! FLAIL!

Dean on top! THEN sam on top! OH! HUN!

Babe...this was just...,you KNOW how to do this perfect! OHH heelooo cold shower...i mean..aahem...hot moments! GIRLthis is imprinted in my HEAD! OH! this is awesome...there nothing you missed you! I think it;s perfect! LACKING NOTHING! XXXX
2/8/2011 c1 6MissRiRi
You have nothing to worry about! This isn't too graphic, there's almost no such think as too graphic on ff net ha ha ha.

I enjoyed it a lot, it's a little rough around the edges but still a damn sexy one shot.

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