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for Absolutely Alice

3/8/2018 c18 Emoelmo223
This is one of my favorite fics I read when I was younger, these last two chapters absolutely broke my heart and I chedck back once a year or so to see if it was updated
9/5/2015 c1 lauriedahl
Please updated!
3/2/2014 c18 Shutterz
I stumbled upon this late one night as I couldn't sleep, and needless to say I didn't get much sleep as I wanted to read it for as far as it went. I hope you're still working on this because you left us with quite the cliffhanger! It's totally not fair ;P

Also, I Love Chesh.
12/2/2013 c18 Guest
I do really love your story, but the some the recent chapters just killed me xc ! I feel really bad for Ches and it makes me kind of sad, however I am still expectant of your other chapters please update as quickly as possible
Thank you cx
7/21/2013 c18 av23
This story is absolutely AWESOME and would be even more awesome if there was another chapter
6/25/2013 c18 3LoveYa3
6/25/2013 c17 3LoveYa3
... White is an asshat in this chapie...
3/2/2013 c18 Monsterman555
10/27/2012 c18 1The11thD0ct0r
Omg these chappies are awesome I am sasutenluvr sister by the way I dont know what picture she made ur talking about. I'm kinda like her stalker lol
10/22/2012 c18 1Silenthawk170
great story poor alice cant wait to see where this goes
9/23/2012 c18 Vegb
Poor Chess! Perhaps you can give him some sort of consolation prize? Like a biscuit?
9/23/2012 c18 9SasuTenLuvr
Poor heartbroken Chess... Is he going off to beat some sense into White? Because if he doesn't, I will- the girl's already broken and traumatized enough. Yeesh.
What was in that journal that he didn't know she'd read? Because I doubt he'd get that worked up over her knowing he'd been spying on her for the queen. Or a love confession. I'm really lost lol
Don't worry, Chess! We, your fangirls, will always love you, even though I will always picture you as a catboy because those are pretty sexy creatures. A nice pair of ears and a tail would suit you so well...
9/15/2012 c17 Foxeye1
Please add more! FYI, Chess for the win.
7/10/2012 c17 Vegb
So I've signed up just so I can follow your story. I am enjoying it tremendously. I have no idea who I'd prefer her to be with but I'm sure she'll end up exactly where she belongs. Total faith in you. Please don't be away too long.
5/2/2012 c17 4MaisyB
I have to say, all things considered, I'm definitely team Chess... :)
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