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4/11/2013 c6 4Inquisitor Halbread
Zerg and the Death star? I sense epic things. Please do not abandon this story as it is too awesome.
3/13/2013 c6 6MEleeSmasher
Why are you not continuing this?!
3/10/2013 c6 3gps3
Great chapter, a bit more action in the next one please.
3/10/2013 c4 gps3
Awesome story you got here, I love the way the terrans has smaller army's but still kicks the republic's ass.
1/1/2013 c6 Guest
bring on the swarm
11/15/2012 c6 1Carl Ogren
Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaa
10/22/2012 c6 FranticHamster
this is one of the best sci fi crossovers i have ever read the space and land battles are very well done. i only know of one other author that can write a battle scene like this and his storys are some of the best out there. also i love the fact it is the republic not the empire that is at war with them it makes for a much deeper story when the reader cares about both sides of the war. The solution the US has come to a war of attrition is a realalistic choice. Also i love the fact the US does not have shields almost all crossovers give both sides shields and make the ships armor no better than glass once those shields fail its nice to see armor that actually does somthing. I look forward to the next update and thank you for the time and effort that has obviously bean put in to this fanfic.
10/16/2012 c6 Guest
Awesome! Wish I could help write this...
10/9/2012 c6 Guest
Great stroy, please update soon.
9/30/2012 c6 10Fenrisulven13
Great story there!
I think that the "project" the chancellor is speaking off might be the deathstar!?
Why not what makes the old republic any better than the Empire except I doubt the Jedi would aprove off it being used on a planetary scale!
And since old wrinkle face got wasted(emperor that never was?lol)!
What about Padmé and the twins they ought to be born by now?
Well I guess I will have to wait for the next chapter though!
Keep up the good work!
9/5/2012 c6 2CigarChomper
Alright good sir this story has my attention.
9/3/2012 c6 2FoggyHunter
You know... Right now I really, really, REALLY want the Zerg to join the fight against the Republic. The Republic's reaction to the Zerg would be priceless. Also, the Death Star may be able to blow up planets, but all it takes are a few Yamato cannons to gut the whole thing. That, or a Protoss Mothership Purifier... hint hint.
9/1/2012 c6 1Darman Skirata
The 'project' is the Death Star isn't it? I still think that the Terrans are going to win. especially if the Protoss and Zerg join them.
8/31/2012 c6 Kane
Well this looks promising, though are we going to see hybridization of Protoss, Zerg and Terran tech some time in the future?
Also we have yet to see the Protoss join the battle what gives? I thought they had an alliance with Terrans going, are the Protoss just reluctant to enter another war or are they other wise occupied?
8/30/2012 c6 vulgarkessu
Hey Hey Hey!
You are back and almost forgot this story but nice to see it is rising again.
And re-written chapter... it is good enough and waiting for more
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