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4/13/2011 c3 37Ranger24
Republic getting pwned

Always worth it.
4/8/2011 c2 4genericname12345
CURBSTOMPED REPUBLIC! PWNED! AND YOU WILL BE EVEN MORE PWNED WHEN PROTOSS COME! Hopefully. Otherwise Terran will lose due to sheer siza and scale of REpublic. There are simply too many bases, shipyards, and fleets for the US to fight.
4/4/2011 c3 byebye360
please update soon
3/28/2011 c3 Grinnerz
This is a much better story than I expected. I wonder though, from what I know of Star Wars, the Jedi and Sith are the only real psychics around. The Terrans have Ghosts/Spectres, the Protoss are themselves, and the Zerg are sort-of one mind with many bodies. That, and your description of the technologies involved seems to be a bit too one sided in a fight. I'll be looking forward to the next chapter.
3/16/2011 c3 3Nokamiso
Very interesting concept; honestly, I didn't think it would work. But you're pulling it together quite nicely. I hope to see more.
3/12/2011 c3 4genericname12345
This story is magnificent. I hope the Protoss and Zerg come into the fight. I want to see Republic ships fall down like bowling pins to scourge and leviathans.
3/11/2011 c3 7Sharnorasian Empire
Interesting, very interesting I want more

3/9/2011 c1 Critically unaclaimed person
Just a note, Specters would actually be more expensive than Ghosts because Specters are basically Ghosts using drugs and extra training to improve their psionic abilities.
3/9/2011 c3 2SpartanCommander
I agree with you the defenses on US home worlds or US worlds (with good garrisons) in their region of space are going to be able to likely hold off Republic attacks for extreamly long periods of time.

Likely that one planet their defending now will likely only be able to hold for a limited time. It's unlikely they intend to keep it for now. Right now it's likely the Terrans will plan to pull back at one point their likely holding the planet for tactical reasons. I'm guessing the US intend to inflict as much damage to the Republic forces before withdrawing.

Also since the jedi have difficulty sensing Terrans I'm likely going to say that it's likely that the Terrans live in a region outside the force and where mediclorians don't live. Which would be a supprise for all jedi.

Also for spider mines their mines meaning the delivey method can change and not simply be for Vultures. They can be air dropped or even programmed to walk over of an area then hide. They have AI's so it's likely they can be used like mobile minefields.

I know they have a breed of elegance i noticed it to but I like the fact that the elegance is internal designs and not external.

I bet when the Protoss join the war the Protoss are going to catch the Republic off guard. The Protos psionics are likely on par with Jedi powers. the larger problem is that the Protoss out number the Jedi.

(also from what I was told the guy who read the book about a Grey force user is that he doesn't use light sabers he used two blasters...I'm guessing greys don't like lightsabers)

Also it's likely as the war progresses the US maybe forced to durring certain times to use some tech they previously dissguarded like the Firebats. considering their effectiveness they are very formidable in certain fights. So if the war get's bad enough for the US they may start issuing them again.

The US will likely try to gain an ally with the left over CIS.

Also I bet the reinforcing through orbital drops will likely catch a lot of republic forces by surprise.
3/9/2011 c2 SpartanCommander
Oh don't forget those spider mines that's a very interesting piece of tech as well as those cat robots (forgot the name). but their designed specifically to fight infantry and thus are pretty devastating.

I know the United planets can hold worlds down pretty good but their likely to be able to keep a better defense if the war got to their own systems not just the ones their occupying.

I do wonder if any surviving sepratist's will try to ally with the US. It's very likely since they want independance and it's likely that the US would provide it for now. Especially since the Republic has now almost annilated their forces. It is likely that the Terrans will try to use the droids the Seperatists used and the droid factories to aid in supplementing their numbers. Very likely after upgrading the combat droids tactical and reasoning AI's it isn't that their not battle field smart it's that they lack some common sence.

I do like the way that none of the Terran's vehicles or ships have any ellagant look to them from the outside. They prefer effectiveness and how well it proformes to how it look's.

It is interesting that the Terrans have a wider variety of troops than the Republic does. The big difference between the two is that the Terrans have been at war longer than the Republic has so their tech is better suited to war that the Republic does.

Also I know in the cartoon they keep showing the jedi's as white knights but when you look at jedi history it show's that the Jedi just simply try to remove their humanity. They force everyone with force powers to leave their parants to train to be a jedi and also even kill off entire races if they maybe serving the dark side. Like one race that now hates the jedi for irradiating their entire planet. I mean that's very cold. From what i learned in the Knights of the old Republic 2. THe main difference between Jedi and the true sith is that the Jedi try to remove their humanity and emotions and any sence of family, the true Dark side users embrase their emotions and family. From what I can tell the teachings of the Dark side have likely been clouded over the years.

My best guess is that the best force users to side with would be the grey order. The Force users that use both the light and Dark side of the force. Maybe a useful ally to the US.
3/8/2011 c1 SpartanCommander
I do have one slight question of the definition of the Protoss being endangered. From what I can tell the Protos empire is pretty massive. Even if their numbers were but down to 10% they should still have a population in the billions. So they likely have their entire home system still secured and maybe other systems. The Protoss is unlikely to just abandon their territory.

Especially since they can warp their troops from one planet to another and from ships using Nexuses.

It's it likely in my opion that the Protos will likely enter the war. Which would be interesting since Protoss ships dwarf Terran and thus likely dwarf Republic.

THe main problem Terrans have though it that it's likely they lack the numbers to solidly occupy every world they have to take in the Republic. They would be forced to strike and hold key systems this would restrict their ability make large scale attacks to take systems (especially after considering the casualites that likely resulted from the hybrid wars).

The United systems would likely needed to work with the sepratists to help go on the offensive more often. Most offensives the United Systems would likely be able to do would be raids on Republic systems to keep their forces off ballance.

When you look at things the United systems are going to likely be stuck on the defensive unless they get aid. So far the only ally they can likely get would be the protoss. They have the ships and likely still the numbers. Not to mention their drone and robot tech is very advanced.

The combined Terran/Protoss forces likely have a bout a 40% chance of winning against the republic. This takes into account of the size of the republic and how many ship yards and such they have. The Terrans make a living of moving around and aquiring resources any where and building up their forces anywhere.

My best guess is that the Terrans likely have sent a good portion of their expeditionary fleet to that world. It's going to be a problem if the Republic actually tries to launch a serious campain against the Terrans. So far every engagement seems to have capital ship numbers barely into the double didgets for the most part but from what I can tell the Republic and CSI likely had the ship yard capacity to field much larger ships for wider scale campains against it's enemies. From what I can tell the Republic isn't fully commiting itself into the war. (technicaly it's constatly employing mercenaries the clones instead of hiring and paying it's own people for soldiers which is likely a big reason the Republic is loosing it's economy they have no way of putting the money their soldiers spend back into their treasury.

Also from what I can tell the main problem with the republic is that it's to big to function correctly. If you notice how many people in the republic senate it means that no matter what is passed the minority vote agaist it will likely be huge in number meaning that no matter what the opinions of billions have no say in it.

To be honest any tactician would likely know about the Yamato cannon and have any fight against republic ships to be seperated in waves. 1 smaller faster ships in the front to quickly close the gap and avoid the larger ship's Yamato cannons then the larger ships to come in the next wave and engage the ships while the Terrans are engaging the cruisers, frigates, and fighters. Then follow up with the command ships.

When you think about it it's really a no brainer only a moron would forget about those cannons.

I also want to make one question aren't the Yamato Cannon's notoriously med range weapons. I know it does take time to charge which can cause some trouble.
3/2/2011 c3 frozendude
great writing so far.

can't wait till you introduce the siege tank mode to the republic.
2/23/2011 c1 Lynn
wow thats good XD
2/8/2011 c1 22starspawn07
Hi I've never beta read before ( well, I've proof-read my dad's research papers ... ), but if you need a beta reader, contact me and I'll try my best :)

this prologue itself is interesting, why not expand on it too ? ( i.e the story involving Palpatine and CIS )

also, what about the UED ?

take your time, but keep the good stuff comin :)
2/8/2011 c1 4Scorpion.Sorcerer7
Well, I must say that I enjoyed the story quite very much.

If you leave this story at this stage, I would be sorely disappointed. This story that you have just written for us is more like an outline for another story. It lacks the taste of the characters of the story (even though I realize that you barely gave us a few) and there has to be more of a ... soul to the story.

This in itself can be made into a beautiful novel and will garner a large crowd for its complexity by the end. I will be waiting for more.

Thank you for sharing this with us.
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