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5/5 c19 6Vogon Widow
I read it all in a day, can't wait for more!
5/2 c19 2BloodStalker500
Dude, this is a friggin good story. Not gonna lie, I probably wouldn't have EVER even entertained Cody x Courtney, but this story thoroughly tore down and reversed that notion like Ezekiel's sanity. Hope this updated and seen to the end.
4/30 c19 dariozxcv1
Well I'm going to start with the first thing, I love this damn story (sorry for my language but it comes out of me and with force), but I love it at absurd levels.
I cannot convey in words the accumulation of emotions that I felt in each chapter and the amount of laughter that I get out of in some parts has been a most gratifying experience.

I love these types of stories in which the pajeras really develop more being total drama one of my favorite series even with 22 years of age, and how I want to find stories of this level or at least different from the amount of Yaoi stories of cody that I do not feel comfortable at all when trying to read some and as there are very few worked with the detail that you have given them, and very few that work with different ships such as the Cody x Courtney.
I wish you have a good life and that you can continue with the story until it is finished, in the meantime I will wait anxiously for the next chapter that will come in due time.

have a good night from Argentina
4/5 c19 DaOneInDaCorner520
It's always odd to me how well you managed to portray a crack pairing like Cody and Courtney so well, despite there having been no tangible chemistry between the two in the actual show. Makes me wonder how you'd have gone about depicting a well made Gwen and Cody pairing for that matter.
3/29 c19 1brycikarp
I just recently binge read this entire story for the first time, and I got to say: I am loving it. Funnily enough, I found this fic from some reddit post asking what people thought were the all-time best fanfictions; specifically ones with the most literary merit to them. Cody's role in TDWT is such a niche thing that I care about, and I wasn't even looking for a fanfiction covering it; but there this was: the fanfiction I never knew I needed as one of the top comments in this reddit post. There's so much here that I never knew I needed. A relationship between Cody and Courtney wasn't something I'd ever even thought of, but it just works so perfectly here. I think you have a real understanding for who these characters are (their points of views and inner dialogues just sound so right), and you've made this AU that'd I'd never even considered come off as so believable and natural. Seriously, this feels so authentic that it's becoming my own head-canon. There are so many changes for the better here: Cody having actual agency in the story, Courtney coping with getting cheated on in a grounded, human way, instead of in a way that just turned her into a psychotic punchline, Cody coming to terms with the fact that he never had a chance with Gwen and actually gaining perspective on his obsessive tendencies, Duncan's cheating being actually acknowledged as an awful thing he did as opposed to a source for new comedy scenarios, any other person other than Cody acknowledging and showing concern for the fact that he is essentially being sexually harassed and molested by Sierra (that shit has never sat right with me), and Ezekiel's feral subplot being handled with a more human tone. Basically, this shit is bonkers good, and I want to voice how impressed and grateful I am to see how you've stayed committed to this fic over the course of literally 10 years. Even with year long breaks in between chapters, I really respect that you've continued to come back to this. And I just want to say that even if the readership may have dwindled over the years, there are people out there that really admire your dedication to this story and can't wait to see how it all concludes! In short: I'm a fan lmao
3/3 c19 1Haldir639
I'm incredibly glad to see that this is still getting updated! Loved it.
2/28 c19 15Historyfan15
You know, if there's one thing that I like about this CoCo rewrite in comparison to Candy For Your Thoughts is that Heather is a little more nuanced as opposed to being turned into Alejandro's mistress/sidekick and Alejandro himself hasn't been cranked up to some theatrical Disney villain. I'm sensing the possibility of the two of them not being the final two like in canon or at least one of them making it to the final two, but it would be a nice sense of irony if it followed the canon route of Aleheather as the final two, particularly if Heather happens to make it to the final two against Courtney, I'm hoping she isn't reduced to just being a one-dimensional villain who apparently didn't learn anything over the course of the last two seasons as I feel she's more than deserving to be put into the role as an anti-hero or at least not be utterly humiliated by the other members of the cast for holding a petty grudge against her, especially in the case of Leshawna acting bitter towards her for trying to warn her about Alejandro.
2/28 c19 8Guy Buddy
I am willing to wait another 3 years for another chapter
2/27 c19 FOWLKON
Oh! You're back! Yay!

And things appear to be going as expected in Drumheller, but with Courtney instead of Cody. I liked how Heather brought some much needed levity lamp-shading the manner of girls in the World Tour season, mostly in regards how most were either under the spell of Alejandro, or otherwise obsessed with others (namely Cody and Duncan). And even though Courtney countered with pointing out Heather's own feelings for Alejandro, Heather was the only one with enough pragmatism to keep her head in the game (both in this story and the actual World Tour season).

Now with that being said, I'm liking how this episode is shaping up, but there are still some subtle but key differences. Most significantly is of course Courtney instead of Cody, which means that Alejandro's duet with Heather needs to be tweaked. Perhaps you can change the lyrics from "Make Courtney lose control" by making him sing "Let Cody take the fall"? Yes? No? The rhyming fits at least, kinda. And will Sierra blow up the plane via birthday cake? And will Courtney and Sierra find peace with each other (or at least an armistice/cease fire at least)?

Other than that, I love the incorporation of Cody's return to Playa de Loser. It's a good amount of normalcy to counterpoint the batshit lunacy of that is Chris and his crazy challenge competition. By the way, can you make Chris and Chef chuck each other out of the catapult? That would be truly hilarious. Now all of us reads have to do is to await the resolution of your cliffhanger; how will Gwen and Duncan react to Cody and Courtney... awkward.

All and all, keep up the good work, and please don't make us wait like last time. I get trying to keep to a schedule is a pain, so maybe sooner next time? Hopefully?
2/20 c19 10Mr ChubbySnorlax619
Been awhile since I read a decent Cody centric fanfic, I'm glad it's this one. Reminds me of Candy For Your Thoughts but you're making some interesting and entertaining diverging paths. I can't wait to see more of Cody's time at with other contestants who lost and Courtney trying to win the competition. Keep up the amazing work and I can't wait for the next chapter.
2/19 c19 Lovepeaceandwar
Oh wow, you updated! I had to spend a couple days re-reading the entire story because I completely forgot what was going on. Honestly, you've really built a solid friendship between the two of them and it clearly budding into a nice relationship. I love Cody's faith in Courtney. I do wonder if Courtney's affection for Cody will impact her as a competitor. She's softened a bit and her feelings can be a distraction (even if Cody's not there). And I hear Total Drama is coming back and all I want is redemption for Courtney. Thanks for writing this!
2/17 c19 CJ
It's a funny coincidence that this story would update the month every season of Total Drama returns to Netflix U.S
2/17 c19 CJ
For the last couple years I've been imagining Noah asking Cody when he first sees him again " So how does it feel to be the future stepfather to a racoon ? "
2/17 c19 4TDI-Ryro-Eclares
Update again soon please!
2/16 c19 ZLuizTD
Very good chapter, the wait was worth it, I hope the story will be updated soon
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