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for Talon of the Empire

5/12/2020 c22 5maadoorii
Holy crap man this is amazing! When I read this I feel like i'm reading an actual Star Wars book from back when Legends was Canon! This always puts me in a good mood when I read it so keep up this awesome work!
Clever plan on Talons part dropping the Enemy straight into the asteroid very clever. It was epic to see what Happened with Jan and Mannis with them both getting POV's along with Talon. I have Zero complaints with this chapter, amazing work!
5/10/2020 c22 13TheShadowOfZama
Good chapter.

Also Talon should get a promotion and a couple of medals for his actions. I mean to be fair he already earned them for his earlier deeds, but this seals the deal. I mean Talon managed to destroy a New Republic taskforce that the squadron at full strenght wouldn't have been able to handle and he pulled it off with a heavily damaged one.

His plans were clever and the results were awesome (for the Imperials). If Talon makes it back I am going to bet the imperial propagada machine is going to use these actions.

The New Republic is probably also freaking out right now. After all these sorts of defeats usually have two causes. Either the underdog managed to pull off a miracle or...the underdog isn't actually an underdog. It wouldn't be the first time in military history that a military commander made his enemy believe that they're dealing with a bigger force than they actually are.

Not to mention they lost a lot of military vessels to this one Imperial squadron. Surely that will have some sort of strategic or tactical implication.

Anyway, thank you for the chapter.
5/9/2020 c22 Warga
Been awhile, but a stellar chapter as always, hope to see the next one soon. Stay safe.
5/9/2020 c22 Bountyx
Seriously awesome update! I spent two days looking for a story just like this one and just as I give up, you updated! I really enjoyed the clever trap Talon set for the Republic. I also liked the tense battle even after most of the fleet was smashed, the ferocity of the Republic sailors and pilots struck me was realistic and I wonder if the Imperial respect will ever develop into something. Majorly happy you continue writing, I loving everything and I hope you continue.
5/9/2020 c22 negronomicon
Great chapter!
1/6/2020 c21 5maadoorii
I really like this the way talon deals with the traitors, how he try’s to save the captain’s legacy and his inner turmoil! This is a very good read!
1/6/2020 c21 negronomicon
Fantastic chapter, this has to be one of my favorite fanfictions on this entire site, it reads like a classic, a very clear and enjoyable plot, along with a good setting, much much better than any actual star wars film. I am riveted in my seat for more of this!
1/5/2020 c21 A Random Friend
A fantastic chapter for sure. I’m absolutely loving the interavtions in this and by god do I need more. Characters are well written and the ending really was a happy note to end on after all the fast paced action of previous ones. I can’t wait to see the follow up to this, you have me hooked
1/5/2020 c21 13TheShadowOfZama
Good chapter.

Like I already thought their situation is still pretty bad, but at least it's calm for the time being. I enjoyed how Talon managed to do a decent job interrogating Gregor by simply pointing out certain aspects the man had clearly forgotten about. For example that the New Republic might not keep their word, because he failed to deliver.

True or not, it is plausible and Talon doesn't have to be right, He just had to convince Gregor that it isn't worth the risk.

Also Lani is just best girl. I really like how she gave him a little peptalk and even used his own joke to get the cognac away from him. That was a clever move.

Talon's loyalty is his most noteworthy trait. I really like how both allies and enemies are sort of befuddled by just how strong it is. I really like that of his character, so it is fitting that traitors got under his skin so much. Traitors are never fun to deal with, but for a guy like Talon it's probably twice as bad.

I think Talon's greatest weakness is simply not wanting to think of the possibility that not every Imperial is in it for the good of the Empire.

I also really like the Jan/Talon conflict, it's the classical tactician vs strategist mindset. The lower on th chain you are the more your job is to 'take care' of the men and the higher up you go, the more the job changes to achieving the objective. The two aren't always very compatible.

That said I am looking forward to the next chapter. They can't hide for long Talon says, so they will have to think of something to escape sooner rather than later.

Thank you very much for the chapter.
12/10/2019 c20 A Random Friend
An amazing story that has had me captivated from start to finish. I truly can’t wait for more!
11/24/2019 c20 TheShadowOfZama
You cannot believe how happy that I am that I found this story!

Good chapter lenght, good story, main protagonist is a loyalist imperial,... Yes, a very good find indeed.

Also wow; Empire vs New Republic, traitors vs loyalists, boarding action, capital ship vs capital ship, starfighters vs starfighters, capital ship vs starfighters, smart tactics,... These last few chapters were amazing in terms of story and action. Above that I also like the characters and how they interact with each other.

That said I am looking forward to the next chapter. Talon won the battle (and boy was it a fight), but it is hard to call it anything more than a pyrrhic victory considering all the damage that has been wreaked. Of course a pyrrhic victory is about the best possible outcome you can probably score consdering everything.

Next chapter Talon will have to deal with the aftermath of the battle. The damage to the surviving ships, the mass mutiny, the New Republic probably knowing their location and status,...

They're definitely not safe yet. Still they scored a victory against all odds.

Many thanks for the chapter and the amazing story.
10/30/2019 c20 5maadoorii
Wow...this was amazing! I missed reading this so much and finally getting a continuation and one that’s this good is awesome I don’t know the words to describe this in full...
10/25/2019 c20 1Varangian Guard
It’s good to be able to read through this again after so long, I do hope that you’re able to continue with it, it’s a really enjoyable story from a time and perspective rarely seen in anything Star Wars related.
10/12/2019 c19 5maadoorii
I love this so much but its sad that this probably wont come back.
5/11/2018 c19 51-13.64
To doncaster,

Are you Dead?

Regards, 51-13.64
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