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7/29 c60 levityoflonging
I always love how you write Eric. If only such passion existed in real life. Keep your sweet nothings, I want intense consuming love that burns you from the inside out.
6/4 c60 sarah.reiniche
I'm not sure if you are still getting these, but this story was fantastic. I stopped watching Tru Blood after season 3 because it was so stupid and then the books ended so frustratingly. now this story will live in my head as a preferred Canon. thank you.
3/31 c60 Angeleyes31102
Wow! An amazing story from beginning to end! I really enjoyed it!
2/3 c60 Stephanie Ruiz2
Tu historia llego a Perú , la he leído 3 veces y las 3 veces llore .
Eres la mejor , me has dado el final que siempre quise de charlaine Harris .
Besos y saludos desde Latinoamérica .
1/12 c59 4ShadowFireZelda
Having reread this for a total readthrough of 3 times... if this won third place, what the unholy heck won first? Like, I can't imagine a better True Blood/ Sookie Stackhouse Novels fanfiction.
12/16/2021 c1 kkmooney91
amazing story one of my favorites
9/2/2021 c60 TrulyAPositive
What a wonderfully satisfying story! You are a master story teller and I hope you are still at it somewhere. Yes, this is September 2, 2021. You along with the other incredible writers on FanFic in the Sookie Stackhouse universe have kept me insane during this bizarre Covid-19 pandemic. I not only love this story, I love all the tidbits you shared about your personal life and hope that you and your family are supremely happy and healthy. Thank you for sharing your talents!
8/20/2021 c60 Tinkerbell
I keep coming back to this story, it's one of my favourites and even years after first reading your writing still drags all sorts of feeling out of me. Fear, excitement, horror and humour, but damn you if I don't sob like a child every time I read that ending. As always, much love for you and your writing xxx
3/5/2021 c60 2The-Butterfly-Deffect
This was sexy, and heartwarming and beautiful.
1/26/2021 c18 24Befham
Sooo I forgot how freaking amazing this was and spent half of my workday rereading my fave true blood story thanks to seeing my fave Viking in The Stand. Love this and love you for your brilliant mind
1/23/2021 c60 smithtara
I just found this, took me 2 days to read, absolutely beautiful from start to finish
12/18/2020 c1 BrowneyedBabyDoll
I sincerely hope you never take this down. It is AMAZING. This is the third time I've read this and it never gets old. I love the extra lore and thought that was put into this fic. You deserved every reward and view. Thank you for this beautiful blood diamond of a story.
11/17/2020 c60 7kleannhouse
what a beautiful ending. the Scion was Adam but i believe also part of Sookie. I wonder who Mab got matched up with? I hope M rotten in hell. KY
11/17/2020 c59 kleannhouse
wow the fairies are now to stay in this realm and their radia have chosen their mates. their world may still be there but they will have to find the door. cool beans. happy Adam was born but I wish M was killed. KY
11/17/2020 c58 kleannhouse
Oh wow, Adam knows how to make and entrance, i think they need to call back the girls and i hope Alcide and his group are just fine. KY
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