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for Mother

6/18/2012 c2 Jarl of the North
Throw me on here too! Let us eliminate this threat to all fanfictions (overly dramatic epic music plays...). Sorry. I just had to. But still, get me on this list!
12/25/2011 c1 XxBreathenomorExX
What kind of animal/ beast is his mother? (other than the obvious.

THis was really good! You should write more often!
8/3/2011 c1 ebrith
I actually really like it.

It's something that is definitely unique and I find it interesting...

Anyway - like it, fave'd it.
7/29/2011 c1 Kittenmama
That was cool, can't wait to
6/4/2011 c1 Guest
it paints an awesome pic ... well written awesomelee dun

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