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for Crazy Cullen!: Raising Alice

3/1/2016 c7 17Haitoku-Chan
please do try to update this story it's super cute and funny and I love it.
3/17/2015 c1 Haitoku-Chan
please oh please please please make more. i love this story
6/16/2014 c6 4avidreader28
Oh my gosh... this is so freaking funny, I need to read more, no joke this is probably how Alice would be like, I LOVE THIS STORY!
4/18/2013 c3 136BlackCatS46
Oh God she's being so cute! A toddling Alice! Aw, sweet...
4/11/2013 c6 BlackCatS46
Aw, a three year old Alice is hilarious, cute and so rude, I'm gonna die of laughter. Thank you so much!
2/18/2013 c7 lileycullen
I have just reread this I would like to know if your going to update soon
1/12/2013 c7 2MindlessScrawlings
Please update! This story is great! :)
10/2/2012 c7 Guest
OMG I DIED LAUGHING LIKE SERIOUSLY Pleaseeeee keep writing this is the funniest thing ever :)
8/27/2012 c7 4forevertwihard
laughing my head off luv it!
8/24/2012 c6 6cassiopeiamoon
that was funny
7/6/2012 c6 Raya Thalia Nightshade
This is an extremely good and funny story that actually made me laugh out loud. Please update!
6/11/2012 c7 WL23KRDO
Hey! I don't get it,whose stories and accounts are being deleted? All authors with M rated stories or just the ones with the serious lemons? Just wondering because i have an M rated story but it hasn't got any proper detailed lemons in it. I totally agree with you either way though, shouldn't be deleting any stories that people have spent so much time on ]
11/22/2011 c5 6Foreverdreamergirl1
omgg loll update sooon plzzz
11/22/2011 c6 Foreverdreamergirl1
awwww rofll plzz update
11/11/2011 c5 sundeer
Alice is hilarious !
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