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4/5/2011 c10 V Fan 217
I can't imagine what it would be like to go to your own funeral.
4/5/2011 c10 4LokaCola
This... is... so... sad! I almost cried while reading this, and I usually don't cry while reading.

Great job with the chapters, btw! :D
4/5/2011 c10 4TigerToa
When I first saw this... I was pretty sure I'd at least shed a few tears. But... at first, I could only smile. Matoro was just so sweet, and seeing the impact he had on others... it was touching. Heart-warming. But I didn't expect to break down crying. Which I did.

This... this touched me. It's beautiful, and deep. Dark at times, funny at times, but... overall, it's just moving. I think Matoro would be happy, that even after dying he could make people smile.
4/5/2011 c10 InTheLight-Hija
*sniffle* Once again... I can't believe how much emotion I get out of these oneshots! Matoro's last time seeing everyone was done beautifully, and I love the part at the end where it's like Nuju is looking at him while he leaves. Perfect.

*glomps Matoro in a hug*

And I'm glad you're going to use that idea of mine! Update soon-fast please!
3/31/2011 c9 17iExperiment
Ok, but the time i hit Kopaka, you just about had me in tears! Thanks alot... (Sniffles)

Ugh...this is amazing...tho it makes me laugh (a welcome thing, for sure) that Nuju considers Matoro somewhat of a brat. And Kopaka's and Takanuva's basically tore me apart.

And tho i never really thought about it that way, i guess it makes sense that Makuta would um miss Matoro or whatever emotion it was that he was feeling at the time. Matoro's relationship with him wasnt anything like the rest of the universe's Toa at all. And the scene between Mata Nui and Ackar was funny. Mata Nui still doesnt strike me as um a "smart" Toa, to be honest. He's kinda naive. _ _U

And last but of course not least, thanks for writing minor characters like Ehrye and Kopeke into the story. Minor characters randomly appearing in stories makes me happy, for some reason. :)
3/30/2011 c9 1Heart of Zeo
Hey! You said you'll use my idea! Awesome! Sorry I forgot to sign the last one, and sorry Pewku is so hard to write, I was thinking more of who would be the most suprising to visit, not the most easily explained. Still, looking foreward to it.
3/28/2011 c9 53Zelda12343
Takanuva carrying Kopeke was cute at the end.

That was a nice chapter!
3/27/2011 c9 V Fan 217
This just made my day. ^^ You fan writers are really good at what you do!
3/27/2011 c9 InTheLight-Hija
I love how you used Kopeke as well for Taka's shot. Again, you've seem to have captured the right kinds of emotion for Matoro's death. There really should have been more in the books (no offense to Greg F.) And Taka is so right, you can't pretend to not be sad when someone close has died. Just beautiful, the way his talk was written.

You know I just thought of something, would it be possible to do a shot with, like, everyone at the end on Sphereus Magna? Perhaps someone was able to save Matoro's statue and bring it along. Just a thought I had, whether it works or not.

I look forward to reading more from you soon!
3/25/2011 c8 Guest
Very well written, heartwarming in the right places, and true to the theme. If I could put in a request, could we see Pewku show a little love for Matoro as well?
3/25/2011 c8 V Fan 217
It seems like Teridax and guilt don't mix very well.
3/24/2011 c8 Zelda12343
OOooohh! Teridax WAS creepy.

Hope Matoro forgave you for taking so long and it stopped snowing!

Could you perhaps do the other turaga? I don't know, I just think that might be interesting.
3/23/2011 c8 InTheLight-Hija
*shudders* Teridax... he certainly is creepy. Still, you did a good job writing him I am looking forward to Matoro's shot next ^^
3/19/2011 c7 Festus Flare
This is a nice chapter! It's quite sad once you realise that despite all that Matoro did, he was never even mentioned by Mata Nui or anyone else for that matter after his death. You really made it seem like Greg Farshtey wrote this!
3/17/2011 c7 InTheLight-Hija
Ahh, good idea using Worf, I mean Mata Nui for a chapter. Your not the only one who flipped on hearing his voice you know XD I think you did a great job, and I liked it alot. And adding Ackar was good too. Keep it up!
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