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for A Hawk and Cherryblossom

2/13/2022 c2 A
Hi! I just wanted to say that I love your story! Thank you so much!
2/2/2012 c2 sasusaku 4 evs
please make more it's awesomely wicked =) cant wait for your update
1/19/2012 c2 SASUSAKU
OMFG your story is awesome please make more =)
8/25/2011 c2 TheQueenOfBlossom
Cool make more!
8/21/2011 c2 2CrookshanksisaNinja
ZOMG this story is WICKED AWESOME! I LOVE IT! I CAN'T WAIT for the next chapter! PLEASE UPDATE SOON!
8/21/2011 c2 20Glorytommy
Oh my god. I love it O.O

And I hadn't expected the whole groping thing at all! That was hilarious!

Also I can't wait to see how the heck ino got herself pregnant...

Please update soon!
2/12/2011 c1 1x.Sasu.Saku.x
I love it! I could write more, but Im too tired and i wanted to review before I ended up falling asleep X)
2/12/2011 c1 2SeiraXD
I'm really glad that there'll be a second part to this, it's so awesome! Really, you wrote this out of boredom? It's really really wonderful in my eyes...I love it!

Please Update Soon, XD
2/12/2011 c1 56Kyorinrin
2/12/2011 c1 Ushna
2/12/2011 c1 pinkypinkypinky
I love, love it already and sasuke is so cute hehe, the guy is worried about sakura awww. Can't wait for the next chapter

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