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for Happy Birthday Mary: The Preview

7/24/2011 c1 30Morbid Guidance
I think this was pretty darn good! I seriously think you should make this a full fledged story- and I also think you should make the toy rabbit Chucky; however, if you end up not making it connected to child's play or anything, perhaps you'll want to post this story up on ? since you might get more reviews, other than people just looking for chucky stories. :3

But seriously, keep up the good work! I think this can turn out to be an awesome story! :) Good luck!
2/13/2011 c1 2Thatsaporkpie
Honestly? This was brilliant. Chilling. Never thought I coul ever get goosebumps from a toy rabbit, but then again, never thought I would be scared of a doll like Chucky. :D You know, I would love it if Charles Lee Ray was in like a toy rabbit instead of a doll, that would be cool to mix it up like that. :D But which ever way you want to take your great story, I'll be in for the ride. It has a lot of promise so far, cannot wait for more!

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