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1/14/2020 c1 animerule64
Add more chapters please
4/23/2018 c1 ZooFan
Keep on writing this story
8/7/2015 c1 scarlettravencrove
Hope you continue this !~
7/29/2014 c1 bella.beau.14
update soon i would like to know what will happen next and good cliffhanger.
3/20/2014 c1 26jeanette9a
i like this... if i was rude i would demand more,...but i'm nice so i'll tell the truth; i love it! and i'll sit patiently and wait for the next update i can shower with love ;3
4/25/2013 c1 21edboy4926
Good intro
Please continue
4/2/2013 c1 demonofold
i like it so far i would like to read more of this story if you will write more of it. so far i like it as i said lol. it is hard to find a good story and you have the making of a good one here.

SPC Ira Myers
1/7/2013 c1 2shadewatcher
Interesting! I love crossovers, so can't wait to see how this one turns out. _
12/22/2011 c1 1shizune-chan013
12/18/2011 c1 191ulyferal
I just decided to check out the crossover (shame on me that I hadn't in a long time) and found your story. Wow! I like where you're going with this. However, you have failed to proof this or edit, shame on you, I've told you this before I know. Anyway, great start but obviously you haven't gone anywhere with it. Get moving kid and do something more as this is sounding fantastic.

I would suggest moving it to the main menu just for a little while until people see and perhaps fav it then put it back under crossover. That's what I had to do to get readers attention because not many go to the crossover section.
10/6/2011 c1 21Kelral Orlyana
This is looking good. I wonder are you aiming to give Harry a new life away from the wizarding world, or will you send him back?

Looking forward to reading more...
7/23/2011 c1 2ShoshonaRose
Pretty good so far but is this going to be about how Harry grew up or going to Hogwarts now?
4/16/2011 c1 YellowJacket69
looks good, can't wait to see more. :)
3/24/2011 c1 5Dark Neko 4000
what goiing to happen next
3/9/2011 c1 autumnannette19
Whats next, whats next?
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