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for Calvin & Hobbes: Zombie Maimers

12/16/2012 c1 3Dr MilkyWay
You know Webursey, I think you're pretty much right. I didn't think about this story as thoroughly as I did for the first one and wanted an excuse to write a Calvin and Hobbes story with zombies. I'm kind of like Pixar who writes terrible sequels because they want to and the idea was good in theory (coughcoughCars2coughcough, darn allergies).

I want to thank you for what you wrote. I came up with this right after Epic Tale, and I admit I had developed a little bit of an ego thinking "I am so awesome, I can do no wrong with my next fanfic!". Now I know to put more thought into my story before I publish it. I did make it a bit rushed and am sorry for that. I just really wanted to make Calvin fight zombies.

I guess the reason I'm thanking you instead of feeling sad about a negative review is because I hope to become a published author one day and am sort of treating as my little creative playground, and I'd much rather have my writing errors be done here than in a published book, y'know? By the way, this is the first time I've typed the fan fiction URL since the last chapter of PP vs NC, which I don't know if I'll finish, since again I had that little ego still lingering while I was writing it and realized that in the middle of the last chapter. (I may finish it anyway, I haven't decided yet).

So anyway, I've learned my lesson from this little experiment of a story, and I've actually got a pretty good idea for a Scribblenauts fanfic (spoilers) and have put a lot of thought into it, and it follows what you said you liked from Epic Tale.

Thank you and goodnight,

Dr MilkyWay
12/16/2012 c1 1webursey
I actually think that this story seemed rushed. I would have preferred a legitimate sequel instead of a bad excuse to bring back old characters from your last story. Don't get me wrong, I loved the first one, but if you're going to make a sequel, make it with matching quality to the first. For later, let me give you some ideas on how to make this story better. For one thing it has to be at least as long as the first. As i opened the story, I was disappointed to see less chapters from the first. Secondly, the characters from the first that you created were not even really vital to the plot. I was glad to see them again, but I would have liked it if their appearances did justice to who they were in the first story. Finally, it seems that you crammed to much action into the story. In the first one there was a good reason for all the fighting, and it was spaced out with an equally balanced story progression and explanations of why the invasion was happening. This doesn't explain until quite far in, and by then it seems like just an excuse to write the story at all. The first story gets a 10/10 but I'm sorry to say that this one only deserves a 3 or 4/10
7/9/2012 c6 Guest
pretty detailed and well thought out when it comes to the plot
4/4/2011 c6 5H2n4 Flu
funneh story.

the ending I was expecting was for calvin's dad to come back form time machine land after all the zombiestuff ended, because they sent him into the fututre at the beggining.
3/6/2011 c5 transformerboy
nice story do more please
2/16/2011 c1 BandMasta97
Ahh, it's always nice to read a story from you, man. Good job, but one question. How many chapters will this have? Because I want it to have lots

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