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for Herald of Ice

12/10/2008 c7 1TapTapTap
Oh! Twist! I liked that ending.
9/15/2008 c7 Smm91
Update soon! :D
8/7/2005 c7 accalia seaflame shadowwind
this story is vary well retion and I love your plot.

I would realy like to know mor.

Plees right mor!
7/15/2004 c7 sarah
o that is so good...u have to write more! plz lol cya

7/6/2003 c7 Kahain
Oh! I really like the story, very interesting power. Can't wait for another update, keep up the good work. *nodnod*
12/19/2002 c7 Puddles
What a way to end a chapter! HOpe to see an update!
12/1/2002 c7 6Angels Prayer
I like I like! Please keep writing! I wanna read more!
11/27/2002 c7 Angels Prayer
I'm LOVING this!

Please update soon!
11/27/2002 c7 Angels Prayer
I'm LOVING this!

Please update soon!
11/13/2002 c7 cat
more please!
10/2/2002 c7 jessica
I love ur fanfic so far! U really need to update it. I mean seriously. I hate waiting for updates. Here's an idea for ur next chapter: have christa meet some more kids her own age, and she and gabriel must be lifebonded! They must! or the whole story will be completely ruined for me.
9/30/2002 c7 pollywog728
keep going! i love the story but i want to know what happens next... please continue. I dont have the time to read any of mercedes lackey books right now so when i have a little time i read some of these stories and i really like this one!
8/13/2002 c7 Raisa Sharpclaws
Very good sofarin! I like the fact that she seems to be not so naive, as most of the authors make their Heraldees. Mucho bella.
8/10/2002 c7 2Dumbledore's Heir
I like this story so an you please hurry up and continue writing it as quickly as possible?
8/10/2002 c7 flamebreeze
dun dun DUN! wow. that last sentence in this chapter... interesting. wow... lol. post more soon! and on your other story :)
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